Thursday, September 3, 2009


...Big Brother, DON'T send our {eye candy} home!!!

You probably remember me claiming Jeff as "my favorite" when the show first started! Well, for the obvious reason that he is yummy to look at! He also turned out to be a really nice guy. The only strike against him is he smokes. My girlfriends and I just shared some emails...we're all preparing to mourn tonight. Yes, my husband is fully aware of my TV crush.

Because of the Kansas City Cheifs' game, I don't get to watch tonight's show until around 1am our time. So don't leave me any spoiler (congrats/condolence) comments if you get to see it before me :) more pic, just to keep ya droolin'


  1. I agree leave me some eye candy for the rest of the season. I hate that he smokes but love to look at him.

  2. You guys are a bunch of desperate housewives. :)


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