Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy BIRTHDAY, Jones!

My first nephew was born on October 8th!! I know...I'm a little behind announcing his birth. I have been (patiently) waiting for some pictures to go along with my post. I wasn't able to go out to South Carolina for his birth, so I sent my extra camera with my parents. Mom stayed out there for awhile after he was born, so I just got my camera back, and the pictures downloaded last night! The new mommy and daddy must be busy, because I haven't gotten any new pictures from them yet. hint, hint!!

Announcing... Jones Carl
baby boy to my older brother, Brian, and sister-in-law, Sarah
little brother to Emma and Lauren

Namesake: Carl Eugene Bush, Bapo
(my mom's dad)

I think he looks like my brother! I can't wait to meet him at Christmas, and love all over him!

At his first soccer game :) Looks like he was enjoying it!

I'm so glad my mom took pictures of the nursery! I {LOVE} baby rooms!
Brian and Sarah did a great job with this one.

I love you already, sweet baby Jones! I can't wait to meet you.

I am happy to announce your birth today. Even though I'm a little late...
today is Bapo's birthday! We miss him so much, and we are all thinking about him today.
You can be proud of your name, and I know one day, your daddy will tell you all about Bapo!


This is the only picture I have on my computer of Bapo and I.
It's not great, but we were doing one of the things he loved best...

I can assure you that right before this picture was snapped, he had taken

that fish off the hook for me :) I can also assure you that he's not looking at the camera, because he's looking up to the front of the boat where one of my girlfriends (either Megan, Audra, Amber, Christie or Bethany) has their line tangled, or is needing a fish taken off their hook too!

Happy Birthday, Bapo. We miss you everyday...
I'm sure you've spent your day golfing or fishing, or both!
AND I'm sure the courses and lakes in Heaven are amazing!

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  1. Well I am crying now! Jones is adorable. Good job Brian and Sarah. Happy Birthday in heaven Bapo. I know you are missed by your family and the BFE girls as well.
    Laura, I love your explanation of the picture. I am sure her is getting ready to help one of us. I know I wouldn't be taking any fish off hooks :) I would scream:)


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