Friday, October 2, 2009

Manhappenin'...not quite so happenin' with three toddlers

Well, at least not "happenin'" in the way that we remember it from our college days.

Whew...where has the week gone?!?! Barrett and I took a trip to the "Little Apple" on Monday. We went with our friends Audra and Lydia, and Megan and Norah Kate, to visit Aunt Christie! We left town around 3pm on Monday afternoon, with all the kiddos lined up in the middle row of Audra's Expedition. They weren't too sure what to think at first...but all did really well on the trip. We only had to employ the DVD player one time on the way up. Megan sat in the front passengers seat on the way up, so she kept them busy with toys, sippy cups and snacks. Then I sat in the front on the way home. It really worked out pretty well.

We got to Christie's around 5:30pm. Perfect timing, as she had just gotten home from work. Christie is an Optometrist, and just recently started working in Junction City. She has a cute little townhouse in Manhattan, and it was the perfect set-up for four adults and three toddlers to have a slumber party! It took the kids a little while to warm up to their new surroundings. I think they all thought their moms were going to leave them. Once they figured out we were all staying, they made themselves right at home. We quickly did some child-proofing of Aunt Christie's house!

This is where the kids ate all of their meals while we were there. Barrett's mommy forgot his booster seat (oops!), so he sat on the floor beside the girls. That didn't work too well, so I ended up having him sit on my lap at the table.

Monday night the kiddos all took a bath in Aunt Christie's tub, and then had storytime with her on her big, fluffy bed!

The first night of sleeping was a little always is when kids in a new place, and not used to sleeping in those tiny pack-n-plays. We were all up much earlier than usual on Tuesday morning. We had breakfast and then headed out to the park.

After naptime that afternoon, we stopped for a little treat at DQ, and then went to watch the PRIDE OF WILDCAT LAND practice! Christie's little sister, Ashley, is a clarinet player for the K-State marching band. I was really excited about being on the old stadium...beautiful afternoon...watching the band. The kids really enjoyed it, and me and my girls really enjoyed our DQ blizzards!

After band practice, we took the kids over to see the wildcat by the new Alumni Center.

Then it was off to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ.

After we got back home from dinner, we attempted to get a few quick pics of the kids with Christie on the did NOT go well! I'm not sure what was up with my camera settings, but these all came out blurry. I think it makes it even more hilarious. The kids really do love their Aunt Christie! They were going downhill fast, so we put them to bed and enjoyed a little girl time! Thankfully they all slept great on Tuesday night. They were still up earlier than normal, but at least they slept through the night.

A BFE gathering is never complete without dip and bread and tasty beverages. We were sad that the fifth BFE, Amber, couldn't be we called her up and put her on speaker phone! Megan and I painted our nails, we chatted and began planning for our BIG 30th birthday trip! The end of this year, and the beginning of 2010, we all turn THIRTY! We thought that deserved a celebration!! So, we're planning a girl trip that will include a SPA DAY! I can't wait!!

On Wednesday morning, Christie had to head back to work. It was a bit of a {circus} around the house without her there to help with the kids. Megan, Audra and I took turns showering and getting dressed. Then hauled everything downstairs. We entertained the kids with snacks and ELMO, while we cleaned up the house and loaded the car.

We had a great time in Manhattan!! I hope Aunt Christie will have us back soon! Thanks for being a great hostess, Christie! It is SOOOO GREAT to have you close. It makes my heart happy that the kids will get to see you often and have you as a big part of their lives.


  1. Looks like a great time. Wish I could have been there. Although 5 kiddos would have been a lot :) Can't wait for our BFE trip.

  2. LOVE the post! I miss you guys so much. I hope we can make it at least a monthly occurrence. Awesome pictures. You sure are sneaky about getting those shots. I will have to remember to always be smiling around you and that camera. The kids on the sofa is too funny! Love you!

  3. That was awesome how you circled me on the field. My band friend is trying to find himself in the pictures as well.

  4. What a fun trip and it looks like you pulled it off with 3 kids fantastically! How exciting about your big 30th bday trip! I can't wait to hear all about! I'm not looking forward to that rolling around for me next year, but I'm just happy I won't be pg and I can go out and really enjoy myself!


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