Monday, October 5, 2009

What's keeping us so busy...

Not much time for blogging these days.

It's officially FALL around here.

And we've been spending a lot of time outside.

Sometimes we play cars, and sometimes we sidewalk chalk.

But a LOT of the time, we do this...

Thank goodness I have such a good little helper.
He loves to put leaves in his by one...and then dump them in the trash.

If you know me, or have been reading my blog for at least a year now, you know how much I {LOVE} Fall...and how much I despise the leaves that pile up at my front and back door. If you don't know me, or haven't been following my blog for long, please feel free to catch up by reading THIS POST.

In other news, we had a dreary day a couple weeks ago, so Barrett had a little fun with some stickers that came in the mail that day!

It totally cracked me up how he lined all the stickers around the rim of his toy bucket. He spent the longest time down there sticking them on...pulling them off...sticking them on...cheering for himself.

He gets more ornery every day...and I love it.

HAPPY OCTOBER!! It's one of my {favorite} months! I've already made my first batch of cheddar potato soup, and Payday (candy corn and peanut) mix. This month, I'm looking forward to high school football games, pumpkin patch visits, the birth of my FIRST NEPHEW, my 7th anniversary, celebrating some milestone birthdays for two of my best friends, and lots of awesome Fall photo shoots. I hope you have great plans for October too!! And...if you enjoy raking leaves, come on over!


  1. I love Fall too, the colors are so beautiful~
    Great pics of Mr. Barrett...he's growing so fast.

  2. Helloooo. October is the best month ever :) I could be biased tho... Maybe just a bit. Chedder potato soup, I have to find that recipe! The pics of B are adorable!

  3. Barrett is so cute! I hate that we don't have trees at our house, but I guess this time of year it is a benefit in that we don't have leaves. :)


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