Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas at our house

Even though I just started wrapping presents the other day, I have had my Christmas decorations up since the Sunday after Thanksgiving! I always love the excitement of this time of year. It starts in late November. My birthday is always right around Thanksgiving, and sometimes on Thanksgiving. So I know I'll always be around family, and that makes it extra special. Once my birthday and Thanksgiving come, I get excited to do my decorations.

Since we've lived in this house, I've always put up the tree and gotten out the decorations on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I would rather do it while listening to Christmas music, but Sunday nights at our house are dedicated to Sunday Night Football. Justin's usually on the couch watching football while I put up the tree. Why isn't he helping, you ask? Well, probably not because he doesn't want to...okay, maybe a little because he doesn't want to. Mostly because I am a little obsessive about my tree! We have an artificial tree, and I spend several hours fluffing and bending each branch just so before I put it on. Stringing the lights is one of my favorite things. Then I put on all the bulbs, berries, poinsettias and sugared fruit. My tree colors are copper, gold and deep red. As soon as we get a bigger house, I'll have to put up two trees, so that we can have one that doesn't need to be so "pretty." I'm sure when Barrett's older, he'll get more enjoyment out of one filled with fun ornaments and bright colors.

I'm obsessive about my of course I'm the same about the presents under the tree! I love to wrap everything, so I only use a bag if I can not fit it into a box. Bags are great and handy...I use them for birthdays all the time, but there's just something special about wrapped Christmas presents. I usually use two coordinating papers each year for all our gifts, and the papers have to go with the tree decor :) Last week, I realized that I hadn't bought paper at the after Christmas sales last year. So I had to search the selection at our local Walmart. I was pleasantly surprised to find the two below. I LOVE the shiny red plaid!

So, after reading the above paragraph, I realize I'm a NUT! But I can't help's the designer in me, I guess! Anyone else the same...please step forward!

*I am happy to report that I JUST finished wrapping all of my gifts! This also includes birthday presents for the majority of my family. We have lots of birthdays this time of year. My mom's birthday is on Christmas day!
I am also happy to report that I did not use a single gift bag! Not even for the birthday presents!

I find myself singing a John McCutcheon tune quite often this time of year! It's a song called Soup. It's goes like this...

Smells like winter at our house.
Smells like winter at our house.
It smells like winter at our house...
smells like soup."

Only I sing it Smells like Christmas at our house.
Christmas smells like: snow, cold air, chimney smoke, cinnamon, hot spiced cider,
wrapping paper, baked goods and family

What are your Christmas decorating traditions, and what does Christmas smell like to YOU?


  1. I love it! I, too, am somewhat obsessive. However, Justin decided to help this year and ran out to the store himself when we ran out of paper. Apparently he didn't get the "they need to coordinate memo" because they don't, but he helped so I won't complain! We have some childhood ornaments up, but only the ones that coordinate. So unfortunately only a couple of Justin's made it this year! I just can't stand to put his GI Joe ornaments on my pretty tree:)

  2. Love everything about Christmas and love looking at Christmas for you all through your images. These are great.

  3. Everything looks just perfect.... Can't wait to get together with everyone and relax. I'm so excited to see Barrett's reaction to Christmas presents this year!

  4. I must admit that my tree all matches too and I, too, have to have wrapping paper that matches! I am glad there are others that are the same. :)

  5. Your tree is so pretty! Mine doesn't match at all! Each year the kids get a new ornament to signify something they have really loved that year, so our tree is covered with tons of random stuff.


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