Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Master Makeover

The last time I painted our master bedroom was the summer before we got married and moved in. That would be roughly August 2002! YIKES! Every other room in our house has been painted several times, so the bedroom was in major need of a fresh coat of paint!

THANKS to my sweet mother-in-law and father-in-law for giving us their old bed! They hadn't had this queen bed for too long, but just got a custom-built king, so they let us have their not-so-old bed! Wonderful Serta mattress and all! We have been sleeping cozily in a full-size bed for several's nice to have a little more room now!

I didn't have much time to clear out the room and paint, before we got the bed. I was at Walmart picking out paint on a Saturday afternoon. I thought I wanted a burnt orange color. Bought a whole can of it, painted a patch on the wall and DID NOT like it for our bedroom. I love darker colors, because they make everything so cozy, but this was too dark. It was a spice color, and would have been too close to the color of the bed and blinds...there wasn't enough contrast. My husband was no I headed back to Walmart after 7pm that night. I didn't have a clue what color I wanted. I ended up picking "Apple Cinnamon," a deep tan/golden color. I wasn't sure when I first put it on the wall, but after it dried, I loved it! *If anyone is interested, the color is from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart, but I had it mixed with the Kilz Casual Colors paint-one coat primer and color guarantee. It went on beautifully!! I went ahead and did a quick second coat, even though it didn't really need it.

Here are the walls BEFORE.
The color was "River Reed" from Walmart's basic paint line. Then I glazed some vertical stripes on.

This is the "Spice" color I tried a patch of first...

I will be using the "Spice" to repaint the kitchen after the holidays...unless I get a real wild hair before :) You know me!

Here is the Apple Cinnamon color I went with...

We put Barrett to bed, Justin went to Josh's to hang out, and I started painting around 9pm. I was a little caught-up in the Nebraska football game. I had the tv on in the bedroom, but took several breaks to stop and watch! Especially that darn nail-biting end...heartbreaking loss, but I kept on painting! I finished up around 2am.

Here are the walls AFTER

The next morning I finished moving all the furniture out of the way so I could vacuum one last time before we moved the bed in. AND I washed down all the blinds. That was obviously after the pictures above :) dirty!!

Justin and his dad set the bed up fast, and I had it made in no time! I LOVE it!! Brandon and Jenn gave me the white Thinsulate comforter for my birthday. Cabela's was having a HUGE sale on them awhile back. They were originally $200, and they were selling for $20!! I tried to order one online, but they sold out too fast! Luckily they'd already bought one for me! This thing is so warm!! I love the white...makes our room feel like a fancy hotel. But I might end up making a duvet cover for it. We do have a toddler that likes to climb on our bed!!

That's it for now! I might be using some of my Christmas money to buy or make a duvet cover. Once I have a fabric for that, I can get some shams and decorative pillows. The more pillows, the better! Justin loves to take them all off the bed every night :)


  1. love the color you ended up with! It's very much like our Applesauce Cake color what we did all over our upstairs.

    Our bedroom needs a major makeover. It's the ONLY room we've never done anything to.

  2. Your room looks wonderful! I love how a room feels after you paint, clean and fresh!!

  3. 2am! yikes i'm wondering if you ever sleep!! Looks great

  4. Yeah I love the color you ended up with. I like the darker color but not for your room. Very cool. Your also good cause I'm not a painter I would have hired out. LOL! =) Enjoy your new (Hotel feel) room.

  5. Love the color. Your are right - it's so cozy and I love the contrasting white beadspread. It brightens the room up. And it sort of reminds me of a hotel too - all those hotels with the heavenly beds. I always wonder how much bleach it must take to keep those things clean. :)

  6. I love it! Will you please help me? I'm decoratively challenged!!

  7. Thanks Katelin! SURE, I'll help you :) You just tell me when! I do have an Interior Design degree...I'd be happy to put it to use more often! HA!

  8. I am with KBH...I am decorative challenged! I LOVE all the colors you use and my master bedroom needs a total make-over...maybe after the first of the year! Merry Christmas!


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