Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little School Boy

You might remember this post, about Barrett's first day of school, back in September. He calls it school, but it's really Kids Day In (KDI). He goes every Friday from 9am-1pm, at our church.

He talks about "school" all the time, and loves to show off the pictures and crafts he makes there. But when it comes time to go and for Mommy to leave, he gets sad every time! All semester long, I just kept hoping that he would get used to the routine, and wouldn't cry when I left him, but he didn't. It was hard on me, but I knew he was in good hands. I would hand him off to one of the teachers, and watch from the window until he stopped crying. It usually didn't take too long. They knew how much he loves books, so they would usually sit down and read to him.

I got to stay and volunteer one Friday in October, so I was able to see what all they get to do. Barrett loved having me there. The teachers couldn't believe how talkative and ornery he was with me there! When they first get there, the kids color and play with playdough. After everyone is there, they play with toys, read stories, have craft time, and go upstairs to the gym. Everyone brings a sack lunch, so they all get to sit around the table together and eat. Barrett's not too great at this...most weeks when I pick him up, his lunch box is still full. I usually pack a sandwich, cheese stick, fruit and pretzels or crackers. Most of the time, the only thing missing is the fruit or the crackers.

Barrett has a picture of his whole class, and he loves to carry it around and point to all the kids and teachers. All four of his teachers from first semester were super sweet, but each afternoon when I'd come to get him, they would tell me that Miss Ellen was his buddy for the day. She is a college student here in town, and on the women's basketball team. It was nice to know someone there didn't mind a clingy toddler :) Her class schedule is different next semester, so she doesn't think she'll be able to help with KID. Mr. Barrett will be very sad!

He doesn't go back to school/KDI until January 8th. I'm hoping during the next semester, he'll get past the stage of not wanting me to leave. It makes me feel good that he loves his mama that much, but I don't like for him to be sad the whole time I'm gone.

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