Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa came, Santa came!!

Wow, is it already December 28th?!? It's been a whirlwind past few days with multiple family celebrations, and a big 'ol snow storm to throw everything into a tailspin! Despite the snow and closed roads, all our family traveling across Kansas made it safe and sound to where they needed to be. I have LOTS of pictures from the past few days to sort through! For now, here is the proof that Santa stopped at our house this year! Our Little Bear must have been a good little boy!

Justin had to work half a day on Christmas Eve, so Barrett and I hung out around the house. We played our Christmas music loud and baked some gingersnap cookies. I was expecting one last print order from my UPS man, so I wanted to have some cookies ready for him. He stops at my house three to four times a week, so I thought he deserved a little end of the year treat! I wouldn't be able to run my business without him :) He usually stops here around 2pm on days that he has deliveries for me, and he even knows not to ring the doorbell...just to lightly knock, because that's B's naptime!

When we woke up that morning, the wind was howling, but there was no precipitation yet. With the freezing temps and winds, I was not looking forward to going to the store. I had a few extra groceries to pick up for the weekend. Thankfully, Mimi came to the rescue! She dropped Kylie and Emily off at our house that morning while she ran to get last minute groceries for both of us.

Here is a little video I recorded on Christmas Eve...
asking Barrett what he wanted Santa to bring him.

You might be able to tell that he's getting used to having a camera in his face...

I could not wait to see the look on Barrett's face when he saw his bike!! It was PRICELESS! He just looked at it for a while, then finally decided to get on and try it out. It didn't take him long to discover the little bell. He LOVES it! With the cold weather, the bike will probably be a in our family room for a few months. Every morning when we come out to the family room, or anytime we come home from being gone, Barrett sees the bike and gets so excited! Like he can't believe it's still here! I absolutely love the bike...I think it's very photogenic! HA! Barrett can barely reach the pedals now, but I'm sure by summer, he'll be zoomin' up and down the driveway!

When I was growing up, my mom always let us open one gift on Christmas Eve. It was always pajamas. It was always so fun to get them, and even more fun to open a present a little early! I want to start the same tradition with my children. So, Barrett got these cute little jammies this year!

After he was done trying out the bike, he checked out the rest of his stuff, and dug into his stocking.
He got some blocks, books, and a stocking full of goodies!

He loved the monkeys in a barrel!

I hope Santa was good to you this year too!!
But more importantly, I hope you made many wonderful memories with family and friends...
celebrating the true Reason for the Season!


  1. Cute pics...Barrett looks like he is ready to ROLLS...Lg has those pj's in pink of course :)


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