Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still here...

It's driving me crazy that I haven't been posting much lately. I don't like to leave you all with nothing new to read/look at...and I don't like that I'm missing lots of events that belong here, in our family scrapbook!

I'm working like one of Santa's little elves, trying to finish up a big wedding invite order. I'm also trying to keep up with photo editing and client orders. I'm glad to have a little break from sessions so I can keep my head above water. My last session was Sunday, and my next is an engagement session on Saturday. Then I also have a family session on Sunday and a senior on Monday!

Since I don't have time to post much here lately, you can go visit my photo blog. I've been updating it a lot with client {sneak peeks}. I am having so much fun with my sessions, and have several recent favorites!!

Coming soon...I have lots to post about! Barrett's first and second time bowling, Thanksgiving and my 30th birthday! I'm also expecting my Blurb Blog Book TOMORROW!! I thought it was coming today and ran to the door every time I heard the littlest noise outside. Hoping it was the FedEx man! I am so anxious, and really hope it lives up to my excitement!

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