Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Catch-up

It's obvious I've had to neglect the blog over the last month, due to my busy season of photography and wedding invite orders. So I have some catching up to do, so that our family scrapbook is complete! I've already imported all of my 2009 blog posts into Blurb, and I can already tell, this year is going to be SO much easier!!

It is so fun to me, when Barrett will copy something that he's seen me do. On this morning, I was busy sorting out a big print order I'd just received. I looked over to see Barrett had climbed up into his booster seat, and was busy crafting! He had seen me using my Zip Dry many times, and was dotting it on scraps of paper just like Mommy! Nothing was coming out, but he didn't care, he was deep in crafting concentration!

Ever since he was tiny, Barrett has really loved his bath time. Seems like just yesterday we were bathing him the little tub in the kitchen sink. After we moved him into the big tub, he thought it was really exciting. Up until about mid-November, when he suddenly did NOT want to get into the tub. Instead of the usual squeals of excitement, when we asked if he wanted to take a bath, we would get a firm "NO." So for a few weeks there, it was a struggle to get him undressed and into the tub. He would want to stand up the whole time, and would cry if we tried to get him to sit. Then, all of the sudden last week, he's back to enjoying bath time, and not wanting to get out until his fingers and toes look like little raisins!

The month of December is not complete without a batch of Peanut Butter Kisses!!

I love making these cookies to give as gifts. The recipe I use is SUPER easy. I do like to eat the cookies, but I'd rather make them to give away. This year I made a TON. We gave a box full to Mimi and Grandma Sandy as part of our "5 Days of Christmas" exchange, and a box to our neighbors. We also gave a box to Norah Kate's family, for keeping Barrett one afternoon so I could get a massage! That massage was the perfect way to treat myself after a busy season...it was Heaven!! If anyone is in need of some pampering, OR in need of a gift idea for me :) Visit Madeline at Bluestem B&B!

Anyway, I gave Barrett his first Peanut Butter Kiss the other day, and he LOVED it. He licked the chocolate kiss for a couple minutes. He said "num-num, Mama."

These are some pictures I took one evening while we were watching The Polar Express. This is the night the obsession started! We had the big air mattress set up in the middle of the family room that night, since we were doing the remodel (painting the bedroom and waiting for our new bed). He loved being able to lay back on the pillows and have the tv right in front of him.

We got his blanket and milk, and cuddled up on the bed to watch the movie. It was so cozy there, with the Christmas tree glowing beside us and the fireplace by our feet. He was captivated by the choo-choo.

These pictures are of Barrett's morning routine while I'm in the shower. He is my little shadow all day long, and while I'm showering, it's no different. I just leave the bathroom door open while I shower, because I he never leaves the bathroom. He'll get some of the toys from his room and bring them into the bathroom, but he never bothers to go anywhere else in the house.

On this morning, I was in the middle of washing my hair when I heard a thud. I pulled back the curtain to see a small pile of books on the floor. Fifteen seconds later...another thud. The thuds repeated like clock-work for the next couple minutes. By the time I got out of the shower, Barrett had successfully emptied his entire bookshelf. ALL of the toys, books and cars from his shelf were in the middle of the bathroom floor!

He had been VERY busy, but he helped me put it all back!

That pretty much wraps up my LOST pictures for December! Our 2008 blog book made the rounds over Christmas, and everyone loved it....I'm already excited for our 2009 book, and making one of all the 2009 posts on my photo blog!

This might be Barrett's way of saying NO MORE pictures in 2009, Mama!!

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  1. What a cutie! I swear he has the longest fingers of life! Love his outfit on the last pictures. So handsome.


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