Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bluegrass Pictures

Here are the rest of my favorite pictures from Bluegrass '08!
(WARNING: picture overload ahead)
Another year, come and gone...the countdown has already started for 2009!

This is a design I made for our camp t-shirt. The stinkin' people at the screenprint place in town were very frustrating to work with, so we didn't get the shirts printed by Bluegrass Friday. I've found a place online CafePress where you can upload designs to make your own t-shirts, so I'm thinking about trying that...then all the members of Camp Wannadriakre can go there to order their own, if they want them!

Okay...picturesCamp Wannadriakre members:
Justin, Mitch, Gale. Nikki, Laura, Brandy, Heidi, Tonya, Mary, David & Bill

Tom-The wonderfully generous owner of the Boxcar. He was so kind to let us set up camp there for Bluegrass 2008. We kept him well-fed to show our thanks :) AND Ellie

Justin doin' his job, keeping an eye on the fire.
Ya, that's my husband...is it just the fire, or does he look hot in this picture?!?!

Camp Mom & Dad-Gale & Mary relaxing at camp

Nikki servin' up our campfire peach cobbler...yumo!

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