Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome to Camp Wannadriakre!

Yep, we "wannadriakre, we got a dry acre...or more," and it's beautiful! Our usual spot for camping in the Pecan Grove on the festival grounds was out due to flooding, so we've moved to a new home for Bluegrass 2008, and it's amazing! I'll have lots of pictures to share from the festival week, so I'll start with a few today. Well, maybe more than a few.

First, some daily shots of the Walnut River water level going DOWN!
September 15th~
September 16th~
September 17th~ And now, a tour of Camp Wannadriakre! WELCOME..... Right now there are eight of us camped here, with a few more friends coming in soon. We've all met at Bluegrass over the last few years, only seeing each other once a year :)Four of us are from here, two from Tennessee, and two from Western Kansas.

Here we are pulling up to camp. Camp "Mom & Dad, " a.k.a. Gale and Mary are to the right. The boxcar and campfire area are right in the center, with a great view of the river. This is our social area and where we eat our dinners. To the left is the "tamper." Dave and Tonya's place! Further to the left (not pictured) is Bill and Nikki's camper and our camp kitchen!

Here's Tonya in the kitchen! Fully equipped with plenty of counter space, a sink, two grills, plenty of lighting and a great VIEW! It's bigger than my kitchen at, really, it is! We have theme nights for dinner. Monday was Italian, so we grilled pizzas. Tuesday was burger night, and tonight was Soups and Chili! Still to come...Mexican, Grilled meats and more!

Here is our home away from home! We've got our monster tent set up in the center of all the campers on a shady island of grass. We bought this tent a couple Bluegrasses ago, and it's great! Inside there's room for our queen-size mattress and a pack-n-play for Barrett. He doesn't sleep down there with us, but it's nice to have for him to play in during the days when he's hanging out at camp!

Here are the boys putting up the flags at the boxcar.

And a few other pictures from camp the past few days....
David and Justin cleaning the dove they shot. I didn't watch for too long!

Pickin' after dark!

Barrett and YaYa around the campfire. It was way past his bedtime, but look how excited he was to be up and hanging out with everyone!

Back in the trees there's a perfect little spot with a hammock. We took a family walk (through a little soggy grass) to check it out.

The festival officially started today, but the shows and craft booths will all be open starting tomorrow. I'm getting excited! More pictures and stories to come!


  1. Too cute! I am glad you are having fun and getting excited for all the festivities!! And thank goodness the water is going down and Bluegrass will go on! YAY!!

  2. I've been loving spending all this time with you guys! It's been different but it's just really made me appretiate what we "normally" have even more!
    Love you guys!!


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