Thursday, September 11, 2008

listening to the rain...

I'm sitting here in the dark, on the couch, with my feet up. The only light is coming in from the cracked blinds and the glow of the computer. Barrett's down for his morning nap and I've got the windows open listening to the rain. smells so good. I should be showering while he sleeps, but I'm consumed with my 'new gadgets', as my friend Megan put it! I ordered a new macbook pro laptop for my business and it came yesterday. Along with a free ipod touch, which my husband thinks is his :) We spent the whole evening getting everything set up and figured out. Thank goodness for my little brother, who has had a mac for awhile and came over to get us up and running. Not that they're hard to set was actually super easy. But he's helping me learn the programs and helped us load songs onto the ipod. Technology is amazing!! We have a dell desktop in the office, which is nice, but I must say that Macs are amazing!!! Now, I just have to master photoshop and illustrator and I'll be designing fabulous invites on my new computer.


  1. Congrats. I'm envious. I want a laptop so badly. Just have to sell a few hundred (okay a few thousand) more pinwheels until I too can loung on the sofa and work at the same time. :)

    Good luck with learning photoshop and illustrator - I'm slowing learning photoshop doesn't although it doesn't help that Roger mastered it years ago so I'm lazy most of the time and just have him turn my designs into reality. :)

  2. Ummm...FUN!! We have a Mac laptop too!! Well, really it is Chris' for work but he brings it home every night and last night I found myself watching America's Got Talent on DVR and typing away while sitting in bed! FUN!!

    Chris has always had a Mac so if you have any questions, just let me know! He is always happy to chat technology...especially Mac technology!!

    Enjoy your new stuff! And if you learn some amazing tricks in PS, let me know!! I am learning SO much in it but it is all photo I want to learn the design aspect!!

    YAY for fun technology!!

    Oh...and I did wonder if those were "the" overalls I bought for sweet Barrett, but I couldn't remember what size I bought way back when!! I guess it is obvious I LOVE a boy in overalls!

    And enjoy the dreary weather...Sniff, sniff! I do think it is just barely supposed to hit 100 today though...that is a nice break!!

    Love ya!!


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