Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why I love FALL!!

I finally got my wreath out and on my front in MY world, it's officially FALL! My favorite time of year! I love watching football on the weekends~Cheering on the Packers and Wildcats. We don't get to do it as often anymore...but even better is going to Manhattan to watch my Wildcats! Nothing beats the feeling of being in that stadium! Although I'm K-State Alumni, I was born in Nebraska and my dad and brothers are all die-hard I cheer on the Huskers every weekend too!

I love decorating my front porch with mums, pumpkins and gourds!

I love decorating the inside of my house too! My house is done in reds, greens, yellows and burnt oranges all year-round, so I don't have to do much for Fall. I also have a lot of leaf decor out year-round too. Here is a table setting I did for a gallery exhibit a few years ago using my own dishes and decor.

Justin and I both love to carve pumpkins! We're almost 30, but I don't think it will ever get old for us :) Here he is carving with Emily last year.

I love the tree-lined streets in my beautiful little town! The leaves turn an amazing shade of Autumn.

I love our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with Justin's mom, Kim and the girls! We have so much fun finding pumpkins and taking lots of pictures. I can't wait to take Barrett for his first time next month!

I love our annual pumpkin carving night at Megan and Brent's! Each year, we all (Justin, me, Megan, Brent, Audra & Kane) sit around their dining room table carving away, as we chat and snack. After everyone is finished we take our masterpieces out onto the front porch for pictures. Here we are last year...the ladies all had babies in the belly!

I love celebrating my Anniversary in October! We were married October 26, 2002. Our wedding was amazing and beautiful, and every October we take a little trip together to celebrate our anniversary.

I love Thanksgiving dinner with family! This was Hannah and Jake pouring the wine at Thanksgiving two years ago, at Aunt Deb's. I love her decorated tables.
And, while we're talking about Thanksgiving...I love Mamo's stuffing!! Here she is telling Uncle Rick and Audrey just how to make it :)

I love fall cooking....ciders, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, soups...
Here is a pumpkin trifle I made last year. I will have to share the recipe with you. It's sooo yummy!
These are just a few of my favorite things about Fall!

What are yours?


  1. Fall always reminds me of you! I love Fall too. Time for me to get the decorations out of the attic.

  2. What sweet pictures! Love going down memory lane with you. And for some odd reason I have a huge craving for a triffle... Guess I will have to settle for a pluot

  3. What fun pictures! Can I just tell you how INSANELY jealous I am?!! Seriously. I can't even begin to get in the spirit when the temperature is 108. Yep...that is what my thermometer is reading right this moment. It may be reading a degree or two or three high, but does it really matter at this point?!! Hot is hot is hot!!

    Oh how I miss home!!

    Soak it up for me!!

    Love ya!!

  4. Loving all your fall photos. It's really getting me in the mood to decorate my home (if I can find the time.) I so want a cute decorated porch like yours but in my neighborhood all the cute little items get walked off with or smashed - tried that the 1st year and never again! :(

    All of your little fall traditions such as the pumpkin carving with friends, are great. Pumpkin carving never gets old to me either. :)

  5. Almost forgot - I'd love that fall trifle recipe. Roger loves pumpkin more than anything and he'd about die if I surprised him with the above. It looks tooooo yummy!


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