Saturday, September 27, 2008

Piddlin' with photoshop

So, now that I have my new MacBook, it's time I start learning how to use the programs that will help me create some fun custom invites! My little brother is being very patient, trying to teach me the 'ins & outs' of photoshop and illustrator. I seem to think I'm picking it up pretty quickly, and he even said I'm not doing too bad :) The past few days I've been piddlin' with some of my pictures in photoshop.

In honor of our friend David, who's having a birthday tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!)...I photoshoped a picture I'd taken this past spring of his truck.
Here it is before:
And here it is with a major overdose of photoshop:
It's over the top altered, and I know it looks a little funky...but I was playing with almost every effect I could and wanted it to look a bit unrealistic. I left the original truck coloring, and gave the rest of it a painted vintage feel. Then I had to take out the other cars and the tent. That was a challenge! It's amazing what you can do! If you're a photoshop pro, please don't look too close!

A friend of ours, Amber Dawn, has a photography business-Making Smiles Photography. She's the one that did my maternity pictures (which you can see on her website). She is having a photo contest! The theme is best crying picture, so I entered this picture of Barrett from the summer. I call it 'trying to muster up a good cry.' I had a couple other pictures of him in full out cry mode, but I love the feel of this picture and those long eyelashes!

Here is the crying picture before photoshop:
Here it is after using the warming filter--it gives it a little bit of a vintage look--I didn't think it was possible to makes this picture look sweeter!

The contest opens for voting on Monday! I think the pictures will be displayed on her myspace page and you can vote there.
VOTE HERE for Mr. Barrett :)

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  1. HIYA! So we survived the party! YAY!! All the details will be coming later, but for now I am catching up on all the blog posts I have missed out on over the past two days!!

    So, it!! And good for you...I STILL haven't figured out that darn clone tool and removing unwanted objects from a photo!! You may have to share that with me sometime!!

    It is such a delicate balance when you edit photos. I have come a LONG LONG ways in the past 6 months that I have been working in it, but I still have a ways to go! However, just remember it is a total personal preference...some people prefer over the top edits and some like the more natural approach. Depends on the image for me! Like you, I am drawn to the vintage feel and it is quite obvious on many of my shots that I have done some major Photoshopping!!!

    Have fun and let me know if you have any questions! I am by far no pro, but I am happy to share what I do know!!

    Love ya!!


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