Saturday, September 27, 2008

three years of friends

We started a picture tradition three years ago with our friends David & Tonya..
Each year we take a picture of the four of us in the same pose. Tonya and I say when we're 60, we'll still be camping at Bluegrass and taking our annual picture :)

Just for fun, here's three years of friends!
Justin, Laura, Tonya & David

Bluegrass 2006

Bluegrass 2007

Bluegrass 2008


  1. Cute!! I'll be curious to see if David is still wearing the same shirt in 60 years!! Isn't it nice to have such great friends and memories?!!

  2. David has on the same hat all three years, huh?

  3. My husband is nothing if not consistant!! Same hat all 3 years. Same shirt the last 2!! I assure you he does NOT have on the same FOTL's!!! Well, at least I hope not!! HEHE


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