Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Following in Daddy's footsteps


These adorable little shoes were Justin's when he was a baby. His mom gave them to us when I was pregnant. I just love them and even used them in one of my maternity pictures. Here they are sittin' on top of my big 'ol belly!

I've had them sitting on the shelf of the nightstand in Barrett's room since we put the nursery together. Barrett has just recently discovered them as he crawls around his room, and occasionally pulls them down to chew on.I was waiting for them to fit, so I could get a picture of him in them. Well, I almost forgot and waited too long! I put them on him the other day to get a few shots and I could hardly squeeze his chubby little heels in. I would hold his ankle and try and smush his feet in and he would just laugh! Either it tickled his toes, or he realized his mommy was crazy with all her picture taking! If you look close, you might be able to tell his heels aren't quite all the way in the shoes :)

So, here he is following in Daddy's footsteps! This is just the beginning...if he continues to do so, he will grow into an amazing young man. Handsome. Talented. Loyal. Loving. Humorous. Hard-working. Easygoing. Amazing. Just to name a few of his daddy's characteristics!


  1. What cute pictures, you forgot onry!!! K

  2. That is just too cute! See what I mean?! They grow up sooo fast!
    Love ya!

  3. Ahhh...these are WAY too sweet!! Don't you just love stuff like that...things that have a special meaning?!! How incredible!!!

    And I was laughing at you having to cram his feet in! My kids have both had chubby, squishy little feet that I have had to do that to!! Sad thing is...they outgrow that chubbiness and then the shoes just slide on. Enjoy it!!

    And Barrett looks quite handsome in his overalls! I am a sucker for a little man in overalls!! Too cute, my friend, too cute!

    Miss and love ya!!

  4. Very cute - I love that he likes to chew on the shoes. :)


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