Monday, July 26, 2010

Boating: Colorado Day 3

On Saturday morning, we got up and around early.
We'd rented a boat for a couple hours, so we headed to the marina.

We had a great time exploring the lake by boat. Uncle Bobby was our driver,
and we enjoyed looking at all the beautiful homes along the shores.

It took Barrett a little while to warm up to the boating idea.
Last summer in Branson was the last time he'd been on a boat. He had a good time watching daddy fish.
He got to "drive" the boat, and of course played with his cars. This kid will play cars ANYWHERE!

{ultra sun protection...and lookin' cool}

This bird swooped down right beside our boat and got him some lunch :)

After our time on the boat, we headed back to the cabin for lunch. Barrett fell asleep on the couch with Papa. Justin and Brandon went to do some more fishing. Jenn, Mom and I went downtown to shop! We walked up and down both sides of The Village shops, visiting almost every single one! I got a few gifts for friends. Mom got Barrett a little stuffed moose. We were hoping to find him a Grand Lake, Co shirt, but didn't have luck with his size.

Barrett was still snoozin' when we got home from shopping, so I went out to get a few pictures.

{wildflowers in our front yard}

{the back deck}

The deck is where we spent all of our mornings.
My favorite thing was snuggling up in one of the lounge chairs with a blanket and hot drink.
We'd watch for wildlife, and enjoy the cool air. Barrett played a lot of cars on that deck :)

On their way home from fishing, Justin and Brandon spotted this fox across the road from our cabin. They came home to get Jenn and I, and we all headed down to see it. It didn't seem too concerned with us walking up on it. I had my 300mm zoom in these pictures, so we really weren't too close.

{fox is below...then you can see the little gopher he was after in the next picture}

Another view of our cabin
After reading my Colorado posts, Justin informed me I had a typo...I said "six bedrooms and four bathrooms"
I was four bedrooms and six bathrooms :)

We finished cashing wildlife, Barrett finally woke up, and we headed downtown for the evening.

{waiting for our table at the restaurant}

After dinner, we walked down along the boardwalk by the lake again...
and took lots of pictures.
{THIS is what happens when you give the camera to my little brother}

We ended the night with ICE CREAM :)
Barrett wanted "green" and he was a happy boy!

Our last day at Grand Lake (traveling through The Rocky Mountain National Park) coming tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful pictures of your family... My favorite is Barrett driving the boat in his muscle shirt!

  2. how fun!!! you got some great pictures and um, I think that was an osprey that you observed catching dinner!!! :)


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