Saturday, July 10, 2010


The Fourth of July used to be my favorite holiday! 

All though my childhood, and into college, we spent the entire weekend at Grand Lake with family.
Decorating the golf cart with streamers, balloons and American flags, for the annual golf cart parade my grandparent's lake community put on. Waking up and getting right into your suit, then living in it all day long. No makeup. No need to do your hair.  Lots of home-cooked meals and treats. And, of course, watching fireworks from the dock. They would be everywhere...for miles and miles along every shoreline we could see. They were so beautiful reflecting off the lake water.

This year was different, but we tried to make the best of it. Justin was on-call for work, so we didn't go anywhere. Both of my brothers are in another state, so there was no big family celebration. On Saturday night, we had dinner at Justin's sisters. It rained off and on the whole day, so we set up our tables in the garage, and would sneak out to shoot fireworks whenever the rain would break.

On Sunday (the 4th), we hung out around the house. I cleaned, Justin golfed, and Barrett napped. NOT exciting Fourth events! Later that evening, we headed to a BBQ at Kane and Audra's. They were wonderful hosts, and it brightened my spirits a little to enjoy the evening with my friends. We had steaks and a whole bunch of other dishes. Barrett's favorite was the rice-crispy treat with sprinkles, in and ice cream cone! Thanks to Lydia's Grandma Connie!

Barrett's not used to having BOY playmates at bfe celebrations. He had fun playing with Aiden.

After dinner, the kids headed outside to POP some firecrackers!! Barrett was only 18 months old last year, and he wasn't really into it. BUT this year, he loved it!! The snappers were his favorite, since he could do them all on his own. He liked to watch Kylie and Emily do smoke bombs, and he even helped Daddy with a Roman Candle. Mommy was not a fan of that!! I'm a big fuddy-dud! I like to watch, but don't really want anything to do with lighting.

Here is the 4th of July craft we made last week for the kids.
We had high hopes for a great photo of all of them with their little star wands, but it's never as easy as it sounds. We finally got them all seated at the same time, holding their wands...but then they were all two feet apart. We told them to act like they liked each other. It didn't work. Oh well, still very cute!

After we left The Hittle house, we headed in town to watch the community firework show. Looking for a good spot in the Pecan Grove, we spotted Megan, Brent and Norah Kate. We sat our chairs up next to them, just in time for the show. Barrett sat on my lap and was mesmerized the entire time. We were really close to them (the only way I really like to watch fireworks), so they were right over our heads and loud. I was surprised that Barrett never flinched. He was actually a jabber-box the whole time. "Mommy, see that one"... "Mommy, that one big"..."Daddy, that me favorite." It was so much fun to see his excitement!! Norah Kate wasn't as big a fan. She was so cute, with her hands over her ears. She was sitting down the row on her daddy's lap, and every once in a while, we'd look over to see her hiding under a blanket.

The only (fuzzy) pic of me and my boy! I didn't think to hand the camera over til the end of the night.

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