Friday, July 23, 2010

Exploring Grand Lake: Colorado Day 2

We woke up bright and early on Friday, for our first full day of vacation in Colorado. Jenn made a yummy french toast casserole for breakfast, and then we got around for the day. While I enjoyed a long shower in my suite, Justin had his first wildlife sighting at the cabin. (We also saw some deer and mountain goats in the mountains on the way there Thursday). Three mule deer. We also saw a fox on the hill across the road from our cabin. EVERY morning after this happened, Barrett would say "me see THREE see fox."

Since we'd gotten to the cabin late the night before, this was the first time we got to see what the outside really looked like. Beautiful. I LOVED the garage doors. As soon as I saw them, I had high hopes for a fun family picture in front of them...didn't happen :)

We headed into the Grand Lake Village to explore the town and lake...

The weather was felt so good to have the warmth of the sun on you, but NOT be hot, and humid! It was perfect, but that water was freezing cold. I have no idea how all those little kids were playing out in it! Mom, Jenn, Barrett and I dipped our feet in.

We toured this museum...The home of Ezra Kauffman. He built the log house and ran it as a hotel. I'm always fascinated by museums. Seeing things set up just as they were so many decades ago. I'm not so sure the guys enjoyed it as much! 

After our first tour of the downtown/village, we headed home to make lunch,
and then out to find a fishing spot!

We found this spot first. A canal along the neighborhood our cabin was in. It was pretty...but just not quite what we had in mind for Colorado-style fishing. Hmmm....

They guys fished there for a bit, and then we continued our search.
Checking out a few other places before we found it!!!

EUREKA!! This spot on the Colorado River. Also very close to our cabin.
Exactly what I'd pictured in my mind :)

Barrett fishing for the first time...

I think we wore him out...
So we headed back to the cabin to rest for a bit and get ready for our first night in The Village.

Barrett enjoyed a bath in the BIG tub.

After his bath, I took some 2-1/2 year pictures of my little man!
I plan to post those soon with his 2-1/2 year "letter."

We had Mexican that night at Pancho & Lefty's. Yummy Margaritas!

After dinner, we headed down by the lake. They happened to be having the Buffalo BBQ Festival! Live Music, Food and drinks. It was pretty loud, and Barrett wasn't too sure about it. He kept saying "It ready go home."

Brandon and Jenn bought us all drinks.
Yummy Sangria for the ladies!!

That was the end of Day two!

More pictures tomorrow...Day three: Boating


  1. Awesome pictures of Barrett and his Daddy fishing! And those pictures of you and Barrett at the festival are precious. And were was that cherry before it was in Barrett's hands :) Think our next girls weekend could be there??

  2. Looks like an awesome place! Love the cabin!! Barrett is a handsome guy :-) Great pics!

  3. Awesome pictures! Does he really suck his fingers? That's adorable! One question - are all your collages done in photoshop? Sometimes I wish my background was white - I like that better with the collages so the pictures seem to float there a little better. Oh well.

  4. You called it, Aunt Christie! Barrett *might* have had his first taste of Sangria that night :) It's okay...we didn't let him drive home! Okay, in all seriousness (so people aren't hunting me down) The fruit in these Sangria's was thrown on top when they were made. AND--YES...girls weekend there would be awesome!!

    Amanda-too funny...I had to go back and look at the pics. He sucks on his fingers occasionally, but really not often. He was just exhausted! Yes, my collages are in photoshop with clipping masks. I love that my background is white. You could probably change your center part. I'll have to go look at your blog again.

  5. Great pics Laura!! What a great trip! TFS!


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