Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I forgot...we DID celebrate Memorial Day this year!!

Organizing my photos, and realized I never blogged about our Memorial Day weekend!

So, here are the lost photos!
Lost Memorial Weekend Photos, Post One: The Bush Open Reunion/Golf Tournament

As always, we headed South to Bartlesville, Oklahoma for our annual Bush family reunion and golf tournament. The Carl (Bapo) Bush family was decked out in our OSU orange for the 2nd year in a row. We considered changing our color up, for fun...but realized that Bapo would only want us in sporting bright orange for his Cowboys!

The guys left Winfield early that morning to get to the golf tournament. Barrett and I headed to Wichita to pick up Mom, Sarah, Emma, Lauren and Jones from the airport. Then we headed to Oklahoma. It was a busy day, but fun to see all the family.

Barrett and I were SO excited to see baby Jones!
We hadn't seen him since Christmas, and Barrett LOVES his only boy cousin :)

Barrett was happy to see his Daddy come up the 18th hole.
So happy he ran out onto the green and might have disrupted Daddy's last putt.
He had fun playing with baby Lainey too.

Jones saying hello to Uncle Bobby

Lainey and her Daddy, Jake

Checking out the pictures from past years. My Aunt Debbie puts these together every year.
They are so much fun to look back at...and usually we laugh!
The 80's and 90's had some crazy fashion!

To end the day, we had a minor emergency at home. It was around 10 when we got home, and we were all exhausted. Barrett was running around the corner of our entry/hall (to come get me in the bathroom), and fell right into his door frame. He was going full speed, and hit the edge of the door trim with his forehead. I heard it and flew around the corner to get him. He was screaming, and the tiny impact bump on his head popped out in about 60 seconds! It might have been my first frantic mommy moment!! The bump was HUGE! It's looked like a freaky growth smack dab in the middle of his forehead.  
All I could think about was my friend Megan saying "if it pops OUT, it's good." That calmed me a bit, knowing it was popping out and not causing internal damage. BUT we still  decided to call our sister, Kim. She only lives a few blocks away, so she ran over to look at it and brought Barrett a teddy bear ice pack. Within two minute of Kylie and Mimi coming in, Barrett was up dragging out toys, jabbering, and acting just like himself. 

Even so, I decided to keep him awake for another hour+. I fed him strawberries and blueberries, read him stories, and let him watch 'Little Bear'. Finally at midnight, I took him to bed with us. Just for that night, I wanted him to be close.

Of course I took a few pictures before we headed to bed. These were taken over an hour after the crash...the bump had gone down a LOT.

My poor baby!
This was a month and a half ago...and he still has a little mark on his forehead.
(Yes, he's watching 'Little Bear' here. In the zone, huh?!?)


  1. aw poor buddy.... looks like "little bear" made him forget all his problems.

  2. oh man, I remember little heads here looking like that. So scary. It looks awful!

  3. Ouch!!! I have to say that you're lucky that this was the first frantic moment! :) Glad B is okay. Nothing is scarier than a hurt babe!


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