Tuesday, July 6, 2010

{TEN} on Tuesday

{1} Barrett likes crunchy Cheetos. The other day he dumped every.last. Cheeto out of the bag and into (and all around) this cup....which was in the middle of the family room floor. My new vacuum is getting a lot of use. Nice.

{2} One of our favorite afternoon activities lately: Watching the squirrels in our front yard.
I took these pics through the front window last week.

{3} Barrett isn't a fan of wearing clothes much these day. I was just trying to learn more about my external flash, so he was my test subject.

{4} For the last three or four years (since before I left the Arts Center), I've taught a "Detective in Training" class with my best friend, Megan.  The kids are so much fun, and I always get a kick out of the picture we take of them on the first day. We make them put on their disguises, so they can use the pictures on their official secret agent badges for the week.

We make briefcases, periscopes and decoder wheels, and use invisible ink. On the last day of class, we always have a big outdoor scavenger hunt. My nieces, Kylie and Emily (Emily is above left) must really like our class...they've been in it for the last three years, I think :)

{5} We invited Barrett's friends, Norah Kate, Caroline and Lyida (and their mommies) to swim with us at Gigi and Papa's pool last week. It was a cloudy morning, but the kids still had a great time.

After swimming, we headed inside for lunch and some 4th of July crafting!
{Pictures of our 4th of July craft to come in my 4th of July post}

Barrett loves baby Caroline!!

{6} Motivation in my Inbox!!

Got an email from Blurb (my blog book making company) last week! It was just the motivation I needed to get my 2009 blog book finished and printed! It's "July is digital liberation month" for 20% off, and free shipping! I have until the end of the month. I can do it. I can do it.

Not sure if this code is good for anyone. I can't find anything about it on the website...but here is what I got, if anyone else out there is waiting for a great excuse to get their blog book done and printed!!

It’s official! We’re declaring July “Digital Photo Liberation” month at Blurb. Help us celebrate by liberating all those holiday/wedding/baby/you-name it photos locked away in your camera and on your computer.
Set them free – get them out of the digital world and into the physical world – in a book made by you. We’ll help. Order your book by July 31 and we’ll kick in with a 20% savings off your product total.*
Simply type in the appropriate promo code at checkout, and you’re set.
  • USD $ coupon code: LIBERATION
Doesn't look like a generic code, so have at it!! Feel free to send extra motivation my way!!

{7} I came home from our pool playdate on Friday to find TONS of huge boxes on the front porch. There were so many, I couldn't even get the door open. Anyone who drove by that morning probably though I had some sort of online shopping addiction!

I don't have an online shopping addiction. They were full of BIG float wraps for my upcoming exhibit at the library (July and August)! It was almost better than Christmas opening these boxes! I couldn't wait to see how all of the images came out, and now I can't wait to get them hung at the library. I am still waiting on two more...but hope to get them all up this week!

You'll have to go to the Winfield Public Library if you want to see anymore :)

{8} We're taking a family vacation this month with my parents, and my little brother and his wife. We'll be visiting Grand Lake, Colorado for the first time! I am excited for a vacation, excited to take my hubby to Colorado for the first time ever, and very excited about the photography I'll get in there! Everything I read online says "there is a potential photograph in almost every moment." Awesome. I really hope to see some of the wildlife too...elk, moose, big horn sheep, deer, black bear.

{9} WOW! I didn't think I could love this band (NeedToBreathe) anymore. "Something Beautiful" is still one of my favorite songs. Lovin' this one too. "The Outsiders"... rockin' the banjo and harmonica. Totally my style :) I would love to see them live. Can somebody please buy me this album?!?!?

{10} My favorite thing to get in the mail came on Friday....

The July mailing from the Walnut Valley Festival! It's our first glimpse at the stage lineup for September's festival!  AND reminds us just how close it's getting! On this day (when the little brochure comes in the mail), The first thing I do is make sure MY Wilders are on the list. Whew, they are! Then I look for their first show. I am proud to announce that at 3:45pm on Thursday, September 16th, I will be on the hill at Stage II singin' along with my Wilders. 

After verifying that the Wilders are on the lineup, I usually whip out the highlighter and color-code my stage schedule!! Pink for "must see" shows and Yellow for "would like to see" shows! I'm a dork like that, but it makes me happy...so I do it! Then I tear out the schedule, fold it up, and put it in a safe spot until September!

I'm happy that the Greencards will be there this year. Also lots of new groups I'm anxious to hear. The Farewell Drifters, MilkDrive and The Hillbenders. You can check 'em all out on YouTube.


  1. I LOVE them too! You got me instantly hooked when you posted the Need to Breathe video!! Thanks!

  2. Very informative post..love how you do it, you're so creative!

  3. Laura!!!! I have loved NEEDTOBREATHE for so long! Their new album is playing 24/7 at our house....surprised you can't hear it:) Every single song is amazing. I seriously thought I was alone in my love for them! Have you heard 'Washed by the Water'?

  4. I love the picture of the huge pile of cheetos too funny! I'm surprised nobody else suggested that since Barrett likes Baby Caroline so much, maybe he needs a baby of his own! ;)


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