Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I did it. I let my boy play in the DIRT...for the {first} time!!!

It wasn't really planned (otherwise I would have had him dressed in a totally different outfit). It just happened. Barrett and I were outside enjoying the sunny day, and he was helping me pull some weeds. It started with him picking up handfuls of dirt, and weeds from the piles I'd just pulled. Next thing I knew, he was sticking the tips of his fingers into a planter full of rain water. The planter was sitting inside a little metal wagon I have, and I hadn't emptied it since the last rain. There are no flowers in it yet this season...only mud.

After he got bored with just sticking the tips of his fingers in, he decided stick his whole hand in! Despite the fact that I was totally grossed out and yelling "No, Barrett Russell...stay out of that water...that's ucky...Oh gross, Barrett Russell...Mommy said NO!"

After a few seconds of trying to get him away from it, I sucked it up and gave in. Knowing this would be only the first of many, many times he will want to play in the dirt.

Dirt up to his elbows. Mud splattered all over his shirt and smeared on his jeans. Dirt in his hair, on his chin, and even his ear. His cute little white shoes...not so much white anymore.

The clean freak in me {freaked}, and then I got over it...and I laughed! If my baby boy is anything like his daddy, he will be playing in the dirt, catching fish, hunting wildlife, checking oil, mowing grass, and changing tires for a long time to come. Just like Daddy, Grandpa and Papa, he will be hard-working, with dirt under his fingernails. And his Mama will be proud.

What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails,
that's what little boys made of.


  1. I love this Laura. How cute is he exploring the outdoors. SO SO CUTE!! I sure do love that little muddy boy!

  2. You big dork! And clean freak :) So how fast did he get a bath?

  3. Ahh! Dirt time is the best time!!!

  4. WHEW!! I have gotten SO far behind on blogs lately myself!! I am catching up while my littles rest for a bit!

    So, believe me when I say I TOTALLY get this!! I used to follow Huntler around like we were attached at the hip trying to keep him clean and out of "trouble." I am so over that now though!! I am not sure if it is having two, the fact that they are bigger, or I have just loosened up!! Whatever, we are all much happier now that I just chill out a bit!!

    It looks like Barrett was having fun and enjoying discovering his surroundings!! I hope his shoes come clean for you!!

  5. Such a boy, but too darn cute. I'll probably freak when we have kids too. I'm a tad bit afraid of dirt and all of it's messy-ness! And, Roger doesn't like kids around all of our perennials. Our kids are just going to hate us. ;)

  6. Love it! My boys "help" me in the flower beds - meaning they play with the dirt and collect piles of snails. They have a blast and I love watching them play and explore.


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