Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a few bits and pieces...

...from my weekend.

On Friday morning, Justin left for a fishing trip with his Dad, brother and sister. It was the first time that Barrett and I would be home for a night without him. I'm a big wimp...so I was not looking forward to it. Luckily, I had a lot to keep my mind off of it!

Friday afternoon, I left Barrett with my mom and dad, and headed to Wichita with Audra and Megan. We hit a few stores and then met up with Christie at Abuelo's for dinner. She was celebrating, so she had a victory margarita.

After dinner, we couldn't head home without a quick stop at Target, and then a very necessary stop at Dairy Queen!! Ahh...I love my girl time!

After we got back to town and I picked Barrett up from Gigi and Papa's, we came home ,and I put him to bed. Then, it was time to finish up work on my cousin's wedding invites. We were going to her Bridal Shower the next day, and I wanted to be able to deliver them to her. I would have had them a LOT closer to done...but one of my paper suppliers shorted me on an order. I didn't realize it till Monday, and the missing paper order didn't arrive until Friday afternoon. So, I was stuck finishing it all up at the last minute.

These pretty little eyes haven't seen 4:15 am in a LONG time!! I had no idea I would be up that long working, but being a perfectionist adds a few extra hours. Thank you Food Network...the only channel NOT showing infomercials at 4am. Needless to say, I didn't have trouble falling asleep without my hubby by my side, as I usually would without him there.

Saturday morning was Audrey's shower....the food, the decorations and the time with family was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

Mimosas :)

The groom called in the middle of the shower!
Audrey answered..."honey, you're not supposed to be calling me RIGHT NOW"

Wedding B-I-N-G-O

Jessica (Audy's friend & bridesmaid), Hannah & Audrey (my cousins), me

Aunt Deb, Hannah Jean, Grandma Carol (Deb's mom...if you couldn't tell),
Audrey (the bride), and Aunt Kathy (Deb's sister, if you couldn't tell)

Saturday afternoon I got a quick nap on the couch while Barrett was asleep in his room. Justin got home that evening and we went out to his parent's for Easter dinner. It was a quiet night, since everyone was exhausted.

Barrett had his first egg hunt...indoors. The weather was perfect all day Saturday, but by the time the fisherman got home, it was too late to hide eggs outside.

Sunday morning we went to church and then to my parent's for Easter dinner.

Aren't my boys handsome?!?!

The Easter Bunny filled Barrett's basket.

I LOVE the little tie! It was a hand-me-down
from my Aunt Clara who has three boys! He looked adorable!

It was kind of a depressing Easter for me...It rained all day Sunday, so Barrett wasn't able to go outside and hunt eggs. I know, he's too young to know any different. BUT I wanted those cute pictures of him out in the green grass picking up eggs! Instead I have a few blurry pictures of him hunting eggs inside (see above). It was also a quiet Easter. My older brother and Barrett's cousins are too far away (South Carolina) to spend the holiday with us, and my little brother didn't come home, since he will be here this weekend. We did get to have Mamo there with us though, and we had a wonderful Easter dinner.

Sunday afternoon it was still raining and dreary, so Justin and I napped on the couch and watched the final round of the Masters.

Justin took a vacation day on Monday, so it was nice to have him home. He got up early and went to get donuts for Barrett and I! After lunch, we left Barrett with Aunt Kim and headed to the casino. We had only been there about an hour when I hit the JACKPOT!! I was playing a penny machine, betting 60 cents each spin, when FIVE RED SEVENS lined up across the reels! I wasn't sure what had happened...I knew I'd won something, but I wasn't sure what! Justin was playing two machines down from me, and he said I looked at him with eyes as big as pie plates and ask "how much is that"? He looked up at my screen and said "that's a thousand dollars." Holy crap! My stomach immediately went into knots! I've been playing slots for a long time and have never won more than $60.00, so I was excited! I ended up cashing out a ticket for $1,040.04! Later that night we went back with Justin's mom and sister, and I was still HOT...I hit FOUR gold sevens on a similar machine and won $101.00. Then cashed out over $70 on another penny machine. It was a FUN day :)

It was a BUSY weekend...now I'm trying to get back into our routine.


  1. I love Barrett's tie. So cute.

  2. how cool is the winning? I soo never win I wouldnt have known eiher I would have been in shock then figuring out how much Hubby would let me keep to shop on. He is the bank I am the spender!

  3. What a cutie in that little tie!
    How fun to win! We haven't been down there for a long time...

    Sounds like you need a little down time!

  4. The shower looked absolutely beautiful Laura! Barrett is an absolute doll and I have to say he looks EXACTLY like Justin! He's a little mini version of him! Way to go on the slots. We don't have any casinos here or I would be playing those puppies like crazy. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures of the shower.... love the colors.

  6. Hey Aid! Barrett IS a mini version of Justin, huh?!? When he was younger, Justin's grandpa started calling him "Wheat"...short for Buckwheat. So at my baby shower, my girlfriends tied up little bags of Mini-Wheat cereal with a tag that said "Oh how sweet, there's going to be a Mini Wheat." We had no idea then how much of a "Mini Wheat" he really would be :)

  7. Wow - 4:15 am! I'm not sure I've stayed up that late since high school. The invites look awesome!
    I'm a wimp too - I hate it when Roger is gone for the night. Not sure when I became this way as I lived alone for years and obviously had no problem with it then. :)

    Barrets tie looks so darn cuuuutttteee! It looks like you had a great Easter despite the nasty weather. :)

  8. Barrett is so incredibly handsome in his tie!! And OMG over $1000.00 I wouldn't know what to do!! You have such a beautiful family and very photogenic at that!

  9. OH MY WORD!! That tie is DARLING!! He looks absolutely adorable!!

    And OH MY WORD again...You are one lucky girl!! I have never gambled in my life but I sure wouldn't complain if I won $1000!! Or even $100!!

    The shower looked beautiful...love her colors!!

    And I had a rather sad and depressing Easter too. I was having an extreme homesick day and wanted to be back in dreary Kansas so bad I could taste it!

    Hope you guys are having a fun day!

    Love ya!


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