Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun Finds...

I went to a consignment sale a couple weeks ago with Megan and Audra. We went to the same sale in the Fall, and had so much fun. We like to make an event of it...we leave the kids at home, drive up to Wichita for dinner, and then head to the sale for a couple hours of shopping! They have tons of kids clothes, toys, pj's, shoes, baby gear, maternity clothes and books. I spent $50 or $60 and come home with lots of clothes (pants, shorts, pj's, shirts, onesies, coats), shoes, books and toys. Everything is in such great shape.

His daddy really liked this pearl-snap shirt I found for Barrett Russell!
Oh...he'll be so cute wearing this in the Fall!

It's fun to buy Barrett name brand (Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree) clothes for $2.00. I VERY rarely pay full price for his clothes. Kids grow out of things so fast, I just can't justify it. Especially when I can buy them like-new so cheap...I don't feel guilty at all.

My favorite purchase was this pair of cowboy boots!! We've wanted Barrett to have his own pair of boots, so I was thrilled to get these BRAND NEW for only $15.00! I'm hoping they'll fit him in the Fall. I will definitely be doing a photo shoot with these...totally worth the $15.00!!!

Then, at the end of March, I took a trip to Texas. It was a girl's weekend with my mom, Aunt Deb, Aunt Clara and cousin, Audrey. We drove to Frisco, Texas to stay with Aunt Deb's sister, Kathy, and her family. They were the sweetest dinner and driving us all around to shop. We shopped from sun up to sun down! With a few breaks in the evening to play Wii bowling and watch one of Gabe's baseball games. We were looking mostly for dresses for all of our upcoming family events: Audrey's wedding, graduations, showers, Brandon's wedding, etc.

Aunt Kathy showed us some adorable shoes she'd just bought...As soon as I saw them, I wanted my own pair! They are so cute and comfy. Perfect for Spring.

And...they're from Wal-Mart!! $13.00

My favorite new store in Texas was Garden Ridge. My Aunts and cousins have talked about it forever, and I actually have quite a few kitchen things from there thanks to my Aunt Deb. They go to Garden Ridge every time they are in Texas. I think there is also one in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. They claim they are not as good as the Dallas one, but I still might have to pay them a visit, since they're closer. They have EVERYTHING: patio furniture, flower pots, candles, silk flowers, purses and luggage, linens, rugs, dishes, kitchen gadgets, sofas, dining sets, and on and on! I found all sorts of fun stuff there....Yellow purse for Spring, apple green wallet, and several cute little dishes I brought back for my sister-in-law.

My favorite purchase at Garden Ridge was this straw holder! I sip from a glass of ice water with lemon ALL day long...and I use a straw 95% of the time. I think drinking from a straw makes me drink even more water. So having this new holder out on the counter is so fun! I love it!

And...I've been looking for some bright green baskets for the bookshelf in Barrett's room. I found these that were the perfect color and size. They were only $1.99 for 4 baskets!'s fun to find a good bargain!
Now, off to figure out what we're all going to wear for Easter!


  1. Garden Ridge is 15 minutes from my house! I love it too. They had an amazing sale this past weekend and their comforters were 70% off! I'm glad you guys had so much fun, I love the pictures you've been posting! Have a great day!

  2. Barrett is always dressed so stylish - I can't believe you get most of your clothes on consignment. :) And you got some great deals - the cowboy boots are too darn cute!

    I love Garden Ridge too. They opened one here just 15 minutes from my house last spring. The first time we went I spent way too much buying a new patio set, patio umbrella, and new patio cushions. Because of this I try to stay away. Just too cool of stuff for so little money!


  4. yeah, where is that consignment sale?? My favorite is the Children's Place Outlet at the Great Mall of the Plains in Olathe, right off the highway. Racks and racks of $3 and $4 stuff, sometimes even 99cents! They have such cute stuff! It's so worth the stop everytime! Plus you can use coupons on their already discounted stuff to get it even cheaper!

    You're so right, it's so hard to justify buying anything at regular price for your kids....there are so any things that my little girl never even got to wear!

  5. Great finds! That's so much fun to do. Have a Blessed Easter!

  6. Sounds like you got GREAT deals!! You will have to let me know when it you said it's ridiculous to spend tons of money on outfits the kids are going to grow out of in 6 months! You are quite the bargain shopper, and I love the boots!


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