Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally...Spring weather!

Yesterday was B.E.A.utiful, and we were out taking advantage of it!

We met Barrett's friends, Norah Kate and Lydia, at the park for a walk...

Then I sat on the swing in the front yard while Barrett did some exploring...

He's all BOY! He loves sticks, grass and weeds!

Later in the evening, we picked up some more limbs in the yard (from the ice storm a few weeks ago), pulled weeds, trimmed the shrubs and plants, cleaned up leaves and swept the sidewalks. Barrett was such a big helper. He must really watch mommy, because he knows how to work a broom! It was hilarious. I'll have to get some pictures and video next time we're out sweeping. He was also a pro at picking up every little twig he could find and bringing it over to throw in the trash can.

I hope we have many more beautiful days like this in the near future. The fresh air was wonderful! The Masters starts today! My brother, Brian was there for the practice round on Monday. He was in Heaven! He's back in Augusta today for the first round. I'm very jealous!

Here are some of his pictures...


  1. Isn't the warm weather great? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it sticks around.

    It's so cool that you and your friends all had babies at the same time. Barrett already has instant friends.

    Your brother must be in heaven. I must admit that I don't get into any sports, but I'd still love to go to the Masters. If only to browse their green grass and landscaping. :)

    Have a Happy Easter!!!!

  2. I love the first picture with all of the strollers. I'm loving all of your bargains. I get giddy about a good bargain myself.


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