Friday, June 6, 2008

Flashback Friday~Audra

I'm hoping seeing a post all about HER will somehow motivate her to start a blog!! I know you want to, Audra :)

My friend, Audra...we've known each other since the 1st grade. This is us at one of my birthday slumber parties in elementary school. 3rd or 4th grade, I would guess! We're standing up on my mom's fireplace hearth, but don't ask what we were doing, because I haven't a clue!

I have so many wonderful memories with Audra. We went through elementary, middle school and high school together. Out of our group of friends, Audra was the first to drive. We had so many laughs piled into her navy Ford Escort! We'd "drag" main at night listening to "Hey Mickey." We always said Winfield had the best Main street to "drag"...tree-lined streets, and a place to turn around a both ends! There was also the time we'd been out sledding on a snow day. I think it was Audra, Megan, Amber & me. We were coming back to Megan's house. We came around a slick corner and spun the little Escort in circles! For some reason we'd been having trouble with one of the doors staying shut, so in the midst of spinning we had to keep a hold of the door, so it didn't fly open! Can you imagine us all screaming our heads off as we spun in circles!

Our freshman year of college, I went to K-State and she went to Emporia State. Then for our sophomore year, she transferred to K-State and we lived together in the Poppy Court house (see last week's flashback) for three years! It was our senior year that Kane proposed to Audra! We knew it was coming, and had already accepted Kane as a "brother", so we were sooo excited! I was working at the bookstore that night, and I remember Audra coming in to tell me the news! I don't remember much of what she said, but I do remember she was wearing a hot pink cardigan and she was beaming. I was so happy for her! This is us at her wedding~June 29, 2002.
I feel so blessed to have you in my life, Audra! It's been so much fun to have you in the same town...just a few blocks away, and now just a few miles away. I know I can call you or see you anytime I need a friend! We had great times hanging out as Newlyweds...then "couples dinners" as 'ol married folks...and now we have so much to look forward to as mommies! Our families are so beautiful and I can't wait for all the wonderful memories we have ahead of us, as we watch our babies grow. Lydia Grace is such a lucky little girl to have you as her mother.
Thanks for being such a wonderful friend! Cheers to the time ahead of us as stay at home moms!! I can only imagine the adventures we'll have! I love you!!

AND....I'll apologize now for making you cry, because I'll bet $1 million you've got a Kleenex in your hand as you finish reading this!


  1. How great to have a lifetime friend like Laura! Maybe she'll start a blog and we'll get to know her, too.
    I'm participating in Kelli's swap, too, which is how I found your blog. I can't seem to get my photobucket slideshows into blogger. I copy and paste the code they give me. What might I be doing wrong? Any advice is appreciated!

  2. she sounds like a great friend... you guys are so lucky!


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