Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday's Letter to my Little Bear-Eighth Edition

Happy Tuesday, Little Bear! Mommy's getting a little behind lately...too much to do at work and not enough time to be with YOU! I can't wait for that to change :)

You're sleeping like an angel in your crib right now, so Mommy's trying to get some stuff done in the office, and Aunt Kim just picked up Daddy to go cut his hair. We had your five month PAFT (Parents As First Teachers) visit tonight, and you did great! Ms Cheryl brought you a fun new toy and you loved it! Everything was right on track and she couldn't believe how big you'd gotten in a month! This time she came in the evening, so Daddy got to be there too. You were such a good boy, we're so proud of you!

Let's see...what did we do this week?

On Friday night we watched your little friend, Addison. Her mommy and daddy were going to a birthday party, so she came over a played at our house for the night. It was almost your bed time when she got here, so you didn't get to play with her too long. Mommy put you to bed and then Daddy and I went outside on the swing with Addie and caught fireflies. She's growing so fast. We used to keep her a lot before you came along, and it seems like just yesterday she was only 5 months old like you!

On Saturday evening, we went to watch your "Ol Uncle Emily" play in a softball tournament. She's actually your cousin, but last weekend, while playing on her Wii, she said "Hey Barrett, watch your 'ol Uncle Emily do this" and it was so funny!!

Kylie loved holding you during the game, and she even shared you with Grandma Sandy for a bit...that's when you conked out right in her lap.

Emily's team didn't win, but after the game you gave you still wanted to give her a congratulatory eye poke and hair pull. It's a loving gesture between cousins!!

On Sunday we spent the day at Gigi & Papa's house because Aunt Debbie, Uncle Rick and Audrey came down for lunch and swimming. You took a good long afternoon nap, so Mommy and Daddy were able to get out and swim. After you woke up, you got to swim for a little bit, then Daddy played with you inside so I could get a bit more sun. You think Daddy's pretty funny!! He even let you try on his baseball cap!On Monday afternoon we had a little pool party at Gigi's with some of Mommy's friends and their babies--Megan & Norah and Stephanie and Elizabeth. You all managed to fall asleep in your car seats on the way to the party! Norah Kate was so cute in her suit and sunglasses! We'll have lots more swim parties with all your little friends! Mommy and Norah Kate

Your cousins, Emma and Lauren have been here all week too. They're staying with Gigi and Papa while Uncle Brian and Aunt Sarah look for a new house in South Carolina. You've had fun playing with them. It's funny to watch you and Lauren fight over the same toy...I tell you you're too little to already be having sharing issues!
Lauren Ashley...on the go

There's not too much going on the rest of the week. We'll hope things slow down a little bit and we can just relax at home. Love you Little Bear!!

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  1. Hi Friend!

    First of all I am glad you are okay!! I was beginning to worry about you!!

    Second of all...those pictures of Justin and Barrett are WAY too cute for words!! Seriously priceless!

    And third of all...Brian and Sarah are moving???? WHOA! I missed that!! Not that I really even know them, but kinda I do I guess!! I am just really surprised!!

    Ok...I am glad to see your post!! I bet you can't believe how fast your little man is growing up! Time certainly does fly! People always say that, but until you have a baby, you don't truly appreciate it!

    Talk to you soon!

    Love ya!


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