Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What could be better than coming home from work on a Monday to watch GOLF?!? On the 18th hole of the final round of the 108th US Open on Father's Day Sunday, Tiger Woods sunk a breathtaking 12-foot put to tie Rocco Mediate. Most PGA championship ties come down to a sudden death playoff the same day. Not the US Open. It's our Nation's Championship, so they say it can't be determined in just one hole....therefore Tiger and Rocco would duke it out in an 18-hole playoff on Monday morning.

Justin set the dvr before he left for work Monday morning and we both tried so hard throughout the day to NOT see the results! Every time I'd log onto Yahoo! to check my email, I'd cover the corner of the screen that pops up daily news, praying I didn't catch a glimpse of the winner holding their shiny trophy! And poor Justin...he did manage to make it through the day without seeing or hearing anything, but he said it was tough! He's in and out of people's homes all day working on their tv's, so it's amazing he didn't see anything!

We both got home at 5:00 last night, put Barrett down for a nap and snuggled on the couch for an evening of golf! After 18 holes of neck-and-neck, amazing golf...it was still tied up, so it all came down to a sudden death playoff! Tiger came out victorious! Claiming another US Open win...his first as a father! Although I was cheering for both players, I was kind of hoping Tiger would win so I could catch a peek at his little girl, Sam Alexis. She turns one this week, and I hadn't seen her since she was a baby.
Because of my grandpa, my mom's side of the family is big into golf. Our family reunion is a golf tournament, we all play-some better than others, we've all been to PGA Majors over the years...I've been to two US Open's myself. One at Southern Hills in Tulsa, OK, and the '06 Senior Open at Prairie Dunes in Hutchinson. The thing I love about golf is that the players are all such genuine people. Sure I have my favorites, but I'm always happy to see anyone win! It's not like football or basketball where you're cheering for ONE team and feel disappointed if they loose. I would have been happy to see Tiger or Rocco win. Rocco came so close, and really held his own against the world's #1 ranked player.

I'm looking forward to instilling the love of golf into my son as he grows up. I know Justin's looking forward to teaching Barrett everything he knows about the game, and they'll be spending lots of father-son time on the course in the evenings. Maybe we'll have our own little PGA champion on our hands...Justin's already decided that when Barrett's on the tour, the announcers will call him Bear! I guess he'll be Bear-the next generation, since Jack "the Bear" Nicklaus was the first!


  1. For some reason this little post gave me the giggles! I guess I never took you for a golf kind of girl!! I learn something new every day!

    I personally have NO interest in it whatsoever...but Huntler sure does!! You may have to invest in a Wii when Barrett gets a bit older...I can just see you all standing around your living room swinging your controllers! I say that because you should see Chris and Huntler...they stand in front of the TV and swing away! And Huntler is actually REALLY good! I don't usually stick around to watch because it bores me and that is Daddy time, but when I do catch a glimpse, it always brings a smile to my face!!

    Happy Tuesday my friend, Happy Tuesday!!

  2. So Cole's parents were at that yesterday and saw it all. Actually a few of my neighbors were there at Torrey Pines all weekend. I think if I really wanted to go, I could have scored some tickets pretty easily. What a weekend for golf! Did you see that are saying that Tiger may have really jeapordized his career playing with his bum knee?


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