Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday's Letter to my Little Bear-Fifth Edition

Happy Monday, Barrett! Today is Monday, June 2nd...I can't believe it's already JUNE! Daddy and I were just talking last night about how hard it is to believe that you were born in JANUARY when it was cold and snowy and here it is already summer! I know I say it all the time, but time just goes so fast. One of the reasons I can't wait to be home with you everyday, so I don't miss a thing!!
You fell asleep in your swing Saturday morning, and this is how I found you when I came back to check on you...blankie in your mouth! It's actually not a blankie, it's just one of your 'ol terrycloth burp rags! Poor have lots of soft, cuddly blankets, but these are just the perfect size for you right now!

This week has been all about your FEET! You've always got a hold of the carseat, on the floor, in your crib! If you don't have your feet in your mouth, it's your hands or your blankie!You've also turned into a rolling machine. You love rolling to your tummy, finding you blankie, and burying your little nose in it! Just a few short weeks ago, you weren't a fan of "tummy time", but now you've figured out you can see all your toys from that angle and you can scoot around to get them :)

Looking forward to another week of slobbery kisses, cuddling, belly laughs and bedtime stories! I love you Little Bear!


  1. Hey Laura,
    I found your blog through Bethany's...I check in occasionally to see pics of your little guy! He's adorable! Oh, and I LOVE the menu planning...I have been working so hard lately to plan meals for several weeks at a's quite the challenge sometimes. I also LOVE your letters to Barrett each week...what a precious idea! I may steal it one of these days when I can commit to keeping up with it. Oh, and I thought the Poppy Court house pics/stories were fun b/c my sister lived there too! I just thought I'd leave a comment so you know I check in on your blog from time to time! It's so fun! You have an adorable family! :-)Amanda Balzer (Dippel)

  2. these letters to your son are wonderful. what a great legacy! he is an adorable roly-poly bundle of love.


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