Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to ME...a bit late!

It came, it came....I was pulling into the driveway after a loNg, StrEsSfuL, eXhauSting day at work and what did my tired, bloodshot little eyes see?!?! The corner of a red, white and blue priority shipping box sticking out the top of my mailbox! Yippee! I knew exactly what it was and I couldn't wait to get inside and open that puppy up!

For Mother's Day, my husband and son wrote me the sweetest letter and promised me that I could pick out any custom name necklace I wanted. Justin knew I'd been wanting one, but he also knows how particular I although he knew it wasn't much fun for me to get a "promise" for Mother's Day, he knew I'd want to pick out my own necklace. I was SO particular about it, that it took me over a month to find one on Etsy that was perfect!!!

Here it is...they're not the greatest pictures, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like!
I looked at tons and tons, but loved the size of this one and the little jewels-they are a Smoky Quartz, and a Champagne Pearl! Barrett's name is on the front and his birth date is one the back. I LOVE It!! Courtney, the designer at Lotus Jewelry Studio was awesome to work with.

I actually just ordered this on Tuesday and she shipped it out the next day! I love instant gratification :) This was the perfect thing to brighten my spirits after a day like today. Now my baby is sleeping, my hubby is watching 10,000 B.C ( I had to pass on that one), and I'm getting ready to go take a long shower and relax!


  1. What a cool necklace!! And what an amazing turn around time! WOW!!

    I am glad you got something you liked! As much fun as it is to get an actual gift, it is also fun to pick out your own!!

  2. So pretty! I bet it is even better in person.

  3. What a wonderful piece. Now-a-days I find myself shopping at etsy more often than any other online shop. :-)


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