Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday's Letter to my Little Bear-Seventh Edition

Oh boy, Little Bear!!! Today is Monday, June 16, 2009, and you've done so much in the last few days!! I finally managed to get a picture of you with your piggies in your mouth! Yum-O...they must be tasty! Too bad you didn't like cereal as much as your feet! Daddy and I put your bib on and tried to give you some cereal by spoon the other night, but you didn't like it one bit! You just wanted to play with the spoon, which of course created a mess all over you and us. It's okay, we'll just stick to milk. It's all you need right now, and we're in no hurry, so we'll try again later. We also got you a new blankie on Friday night! Norah has one like it and her mommy said it was like magic for sleepy time! She was've only had it a few days, but you love it. When you're sleepy, you cuddle it and suck on the little taggies. We've been trying to get you on a better nap schedule. I know it's hard since you're in a different place almost every day of the week, but that will change before long when Mommy's home with you all the time!! In just a few days, you've become a master napper! As soon as I see you rub your eyes, yawn, or sniff your blankie...I take you to your room, turn out the light, give you kisses and lay you in your crib. Sometimes you cry for a little bit, but it doesn't take long before you roll over with your new blankie and conk out...usually with your little bum in the air! Must be in your genes, Mommy and Daddy have both heard that we used to sleep this same way!On Saturday and Sunday you took 2-3 hour naps in the morning and afternoon. Mommy's hoping that getting you to take good naps and learning to put yourself to sleep without rocking or someone holding you will help you sleep better at night! AND it's working!!! Last night you slept so good! Went to bed at 7:45pm and I only got you up to feed you once. The other times you woke up and cried for a bit, then put yourself back to sleep!!! I'm going to try to phase out your night-time eating this week. Mommy and Daddy were doing a big HAPPY DANCE this was 7 am, and you were still sound asleep in your crib when Daddy left for work! You didn't get up until 7:30! What a good boy! I knew it wouldn't take you long to figure it out :) You're at Gigi's today and she just called Mommy...she said she laid you down in your crib around 9am and you talked to yourself for a bit, and fell right to sleep without even crying.

You love to play in your crib while Mommy's getting ready in the's how I found you Saturday morning! Just lounging with your feet propped up!

On Saturday, you got in the pool with Mommy for the first time! You're going to be such a good little swimmer! You were so adorable in the matching swim trunks and hat that Aunt Kim got you! Mommy and Daddy couldn't quit taking pictures of you!
We are going to have a wonderful summer! I can't wait to experience more firsts with you. I love you to the moon and back, Little Bear!


  1. Great pictures. Hadley has a blankie like that also. She has slept with it since she was about 3 months.

  2. I love all the pictures. Especially his raisin toes :) What a sweet comment your mom left. I only wish I could get my mom on here without someone's help. Hope you had an awesome Monday!

  3. Those pics are soo adorable Laura!! You 2 are very blessed to have such an adorable and wonderful son!

  4. Too cute. I can't believe how well he can get his little footsie into his mouth. :-)

  5. Guess we'll have to try a taggie blanket. Where did you get it? I'm willing to try anything on this girl!

    I'm not sure if Barrett would be past this, but we have a tummy time toy that Katie really likes.

  6. what a handsome little man!!! That is awesome he naps so well, I am jealous! I am loving the taggie blankie. Especially if it helps him nap, Nicholas is SO getting one of those!! :) Have you tried veggies yet? Maybe he'd like that better than bland rice cereal.


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