Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lost Pictures: January & February 2010

These days, I always have our little point-and-shoot (Sony Cybershot) in my purse. I would love to be able to take my big camera with me everywhere, but it's just not practical! So, it's nice to have the p&s so I don't miss any fun moments with Mr. B.

I don't however make it a habit to download the pictures on a regular basis, like I do with my professional camera. Justin was planning to take the camera with him on his "survival" trip, so it forced me to finally get them downloaded. There were pictures on there from the beginning of January!!

So, enjoy some of our LOST pictures from January and February...

(I know this was very early January, because the tree is still up behind us!)
We were both decked out in our new NU shirts from Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jenn.
Barrett's face cracks me up!!

Just messin'! I try to use the p&s to take pics of Barrett and I as often as I can. They're not exciting, most always blurry, and they usually look about the same (except Barrett grows and changes), but I know I'll be glad to have them.

These are from our last Friday of Tot Gym and Tot Art.
They were activities Barrett took during January and February through the local Rec and Arts Center.

He loved the gym time...all the space to run, balls to throw and bounce, scooters, bats...he was in heaven! His friend, Norah Kate, was also in the classes. Mimi came to play with us on the last day. Barrett called it "gym balls." :-)

 The Art class was great too! Each week had a new theme (snowmen, penguins, Olympics), and we came home with lots of great crafts. Barrett had his first experiences with glue and scissors, and did great! It was fun to watch him exploring and learning these new things. At the end of the craft time, all the kids would sing a few songs, and then they got snacks on the way out (quite possibly Barrett's favorite part).

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful opportunities in our community! Next week, Barrett starts a new session of Toddler Art, and a new class of Rhythm and Rhyme on Mondays!

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