Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miss Caroline Reid

One of my best friends welcomed her 2nd child on Monday! I was anxiously looking forward to yesterday afternoon, when Megan and I could go up to visit them in the hospital.

Meet Caroline Reid
(Congrats to Audra, Kane & Lydia)

Born March 22, 2010
8 pounds, 2 ounces
20.5 inches

She is tiny (compared to her sister's 9 lb., 2oz. birth-weight), with a quite a bit of dark hair! The first picture I got of her, I thought she looked just like her big sister. So I had to go back and pull out my pics of Lydia in the hospital, or course! I know Audra has one of Lydia brand new, that looks a lot more like Caroline. I think Lydia's a day old in this one I have.

lots of dark hair :)

I think she likes her Aunt Lala...She's looking right at me in this pic, and I think she's smiling! Thanks, Megan, for taking the pics of me with Caroline. I look like I'm praying over her in the other one!

With Aunt Megan
Daddy was changing her diaper here, and she was not happy...but her cry was so cute!

Congrats to the {H} family!!
I can't wait to snuggle Miss Caroline again very soon!
We love you!


  1. So, cute! I believe she is smiling at you at that picture. :)


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