Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{TEN} on Tuesday

This little weekly challenge is such a great way for me to get out all the random bits that are floating around in my head :)

{1} On the Wings of Love...
It's "the day after"...so you know I've got to start with THIS! It was around noon on Monday when I saw a post of Facebook and realized that it was finale night! It suddenly made my day better...it's the little things! Then, my sweet friend, Bethany, also called to make sure I remembered to tune in that night! So, if you were watching, what do you think? I had a major headache from having my face all squished up in disgust during the whole proposal. Cruddy, cruddy, crap-dang! I don't know what more to say about it. 

Some notes: *WHY do they always make the couple stand in the blazing sun at the final rose/engagement/dumping ceremony?? Seems like I notice this with every season. Poor Tenley was probably blind from looking right into the sun while she got rejected. * I must have fast-forwarded through the announcement, but did they say Jake was going to be on Dancing with the Stars? * I am not a fan of Dancing with the Stars, but I might just have to watch to see if Kate Goslin gets kicked off the first week! Seriously!

{2} Christmas in February...
My UPS man came last Wednesday, and it was like CHRISTMAS for me!!! I ordered some of Barrett's two-year pictures on these new float wraps from my print lab, and I LOVE them! We hung the big one over the bed on Sunday night, but I'm waiting to hang the 12x12 black and white until I get all of the other framed pictures that will go with it ready. 

{3} Newborn Season...
I am having fun with all the newborn sessions I've had the last couple months, and they just keep coming! I am anxiously awaiting news from my cousin Hannah, that Lainey Jean is here. (*Update: Hannah & Jake are at the hospital! Hopefully Lainey will be here soon! Please keep them in your prayers) Then my friend, Audra, is due in just three weeks with her little boy or girl (it's a surprise). I love being able to photograph all these sweet babies. Newborns are certainly hard work to shoot, but it is so worth it...and I get my baby fix!

{4} Hats, hats, hats...
Barrett's friend, Norah Kate, turned two on the 27th. For her birthday, I ordered her a custom-made hat from one of my favorite Etsy sellers. This is the same lady that made Barrett's hat. I was so in love with Norah's when it came! It was so adorable and super SOFT!

I also found a local lady that's getting into hat making! Barrett and I went to visit her last week, to check out her collection. She's making a black and gray hat for Barrett, and then is also going to make me some newborn hats! I can't wait!

{5} American Idol
I posted my top three girls last week, and one of them has already gone home...boo! Here are my top three guys. 

{6} We are two months into 2010, and I've finally finished organizing all of the 2009 family photos on our computer. They are always backed up with Mozy, but now the final step is to get them all on CD's. It feels good to have it done. I take a LOT of pictures, so it can be a big job! It's easy to organize my client photos, and keep them backed up in SEVERAL different ways, but our personal photos always take a back burner. 

While sorting through them all, I found this picture of Barrett from Feb 2009. Hard to believe I didn't even get my first SLR until March 2009. Ooooo...and he looks so little!

{7} This is good for a laugh. We met up with Barrett's friends for ice cream on Sunday after church, to celebrate Norah Kate's birthday. We haven't taken a picture of the kids together in a long time, so we thought we'd give it a whirl. Right after ice cream, and right before nap time...NOT a good idea! 

Barrett and Norah did not want to sit on the ground by the other kids. Hadley had a death-grip on her sister who was not happy, and Lydia was just taking it all in. Thanks to Brent, we have a quite a few hilarious out-takes!

{8} Spring Style
I am soooo ready for Spring! I haven't been shopping in a long time...like since our girls weekend in January. So I had to go online to find something to get me in the Spring mood! I didn't have much luck, but I did find this fun scarf from Old Navy. It's shown here in green, but also comes in a coral color I think I like better.

{9} After meeting with my CPA in February, I have gotten so much more organized with my business bookkeeping system. Not that it wasn't organized before. He was actually really impressed with all I had, but now I'm just feeling really on top of things! It was a nice weight off my shoulders to know that I was doing everything right, and it feels so good to have a real business that is making money for my family! It's such a blessing! I am so excited for outdoor Spring sessions to start up.

{10} I finally cashed in some of our Pampers Reward Points last week! For 1,000 points, I was able to get an 8x8 hardcover photo book from Shutterfly! I guess it's nice to have a little reward for all the money spent on diapers :) I had never done anything special with the pictures from Barrett's birth, so I made a photo book using those. I am so glad to have it! I still have quite a few points left, so hopefully I'll be able to get another free book before long.



  1. Oh gosh...lots to say. I was pulling for Tenly so bad but I had heard that he picked Vienna. Yuck!! I love watching DWTS and there are quite a few that I am curious how they will do. Pamela Anderson and Shannon Doherty will be fun to watch. The Float wrap above your bed is beautiful. Very classy looking. Love love love the cute hat. If I had a girl I would order one right now. And lastely about Idol...I don't know about this year. I don't have a clear favorite yet and usually I do. My fav male is Lee Dewyze. Don't really have a fav girl yet but I think that one red headed girl is super pretty. Alright, thats about it.

  2. I know, I was totally disgusted with his pick of Vienna as well. Not sure why I even still watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette. It just makes me more mad each and every season. :)

  3. I love following your blog, especially your photography blog being an amateur photographer myself. Where do you get the awesome float wraps? I am also looking for a good quality printer - where do you order your prints from?

    Thanks! lindsay.koster@gmail.com


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