Thursday, March 18, 2010

{Ten} on Thursday

Welcome to the {Ten} on Tuesday Thursday post!
I'm obviously a little behind this week, but still had some of my random tid-bits to share!

{1} I think I cursed myself with the last {Ten} on Tuesday post! I mentioned my obsession with vacuuming, then the next time I went to get out the vacuum it was making a horrible noise! It was SO loud, and Barrett was sitting up on the couch covering his little ears! Justin took it all apart, we cleaned it out really well, checked the belt...everything looked fine. Obviously an issue with the motor. Justin called a vacuum dealer/repair store in Ark City and was told that vacuums bought at Wally World were meant to be disposable. Lovely. So, after not even two years, we're having to say goodbye to Kermit! Seems like just yesterday I got it for Mother's day and took these pictures of baby Barrett sitting on the box.

Any suggestions for my next vacuum?!?!
{2} I had a little down I piddled with some menu buttons for the top of my blog.

Okay, I really didn't have "down time." I've been sick for the last couple weeks (but I think I'm finally better), and luckily I didn't have any photo sessions scheduled during that time. Between all the coughing and blowing my nose, I had plenty of other projects to keep me busy! Designing birthday invites, birth announcements, save the date cards, and wedding invites for clients, and several print orders.

So in the middle of all that, I thought it would be fun to make these buttons :) Hopefully I'll be able to use them as an easy way to find posts I've done on certain things. I plan to add more posts for the photography tips, crafty corner, and interior design categories too.

{3} I also added this Google search box.

I don't know if anyone else uses it, but I am loving it to search my own blog!! I just used it for item #1 in this post! I searched "vacuum" and found that I've written SIX posts with the word "vacuum" in them! Too funny!! But I quickly found the post with the pictures of when we first got Kermit. I could also search in my "edit posts" tab (in the dashboard), but it's not as easy to find what I'm looking for. Searching on my blog homepage gives me results like this:

{4} I finally got our office cleaned up and organized!! It feels so great! I really hate clutter, so I don't know how I let it get so out of control, and stay that way for so long...but I did! Maybe because our house is so "cozy," and I don't have a basement or garage to store anything in! So it all drifts into the office. I think Justin was about to recommend me for an episode of Hoarders! Although I told him it wasn't about hoarding, it was just a BIG MESS.  I have no problem with getting rid of anything!  I probably throw away way too much, actually! And I pitch things into the "garage sale" box just because I don't want them laying around. It's nice to finally be able to leave the office door OPEN!

{5} In just a few days, one of my best friends is having baby #2!! They are one of those couples that likes to be surprised on "birth day," so they don't find out the sex at their 20 week ultrasound. I have NO idea how people do that, but it is fun to keep everyone guessing! My guess is a BOY. Even though I'm thinking it will be a girl...I'm just holding out hope that Barrett might not be the only bfe baby boy anymore!

Can't wait to cuddle Baby {H}!! Lydia Grace is going to be a great big sister! (I took this picture of her in September, and I think she looks so little)

{6} I did another blog design for a fellow blogging friend! They are also photography clients of mine. Their little girl, Ansley is so adorable!! Melissa gave me some of her handmade bows and headbands to use for my newborn sessions, in exchange for the blog design. It was fun, although I can't figure out why the background pattern isn't showing up when I view it from our PC in the office.  I know I love my Mac, because it doesn't make everything looked stretched and blown-up like the PC does, but WHY is it not showing the pattern? It's frustrating me, now that I'm doing blogs for others...made me realize that most clients are probably not viewing my photography blog (or THIS one) the way it's meant to look! 

Here's what Melissa's new blog looks like on my screen (viewed with Firefox), is this what you see?  ---->

{7} Gosh, I'm wordy with these {Ten} on Tuesday Thursday posts! I can't help it!!

{8} American Idol eliminations were last night! It's now down to 11. These are now my TOP picks:

I love them both for their sound and style. I would buy their albums.

This is the first season though, that I really do like several of the contestants. I just probably wouldn't buy all of their albums.

{9} I LOVE Lady Antebellum! I've loved them since the first time Ellen introduced them to the world! So WHY do I still not own their new "Need You Now" CD?!?!?! Maybe the Easter bunny will leave it in my basket? 

{10} This afternoon, my husband and his older brother, leave on their "survival" camping trip.  You know, Bear Grylls style? I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. Three nights in the wilderness. A knife, one canteen of water, no matches, no tent, no sleeping bag, no cell phone, no firearms, no food...and the weather forecast says "snow" for Saturday! They plan to hike away from the truck this afternoon, and not see it again until Sunday. They will be boiling their drinking water, making their own traps to catch their meals, and building shelter. Justin has given me permission to write a post about this trip, so more on that later!


  1. Hey, just a couple of things...I LOVE your 10 on Tuesday or Thursday's (what ever the day might be). I might have to borrow the idea from Miss Bethany as well :) I love our Dyson vacuum. We have the purple one (pet hair). I know that they have gone down in price since we bought ours..isn't that the way it always works. I think Amber has the yellow one on the ball? Meg has one too..not sure what kind. And, I know there is a guy in AC that only works on them. My mom has taken hers to him before.

    Before I even read this post I noticed your new buttons..they are VERY cute. Don't worry you will be one of the firsts to know whether we have a new little girl or boy..have your cell phone handy :) Tell Justin good luck. I will be thinking of them. I hope they don't freeze on Saturday..he doesn't have much meat on his bones :) Love ya~

  2. WOW! So this post of FULL of fun stuff!! Made me miss my Ten on Tuesday's the last two weeks. I needed the break though - no one (including me) wants to hear my sob stories day after day!! :)

    Buttons? DARLING! One of these days we'll be back in Kansas (or you'll leave from Wichita on one of those smokin' $59 deals and come visit me!!) and you can teach me some tricks of design! Deal?

    Okay...TOTALLY have never seen the "Search This Blog" feature!! Have to check on that one out for sure!!

    I love Lady Antebellum!! "Need You Now" is one of my favorite songs, but everything they sing is great!! I listen to "Need You Now" so often (and so loud) that the kids have parts of it memorized! The other day the music wasn't even on and Gentry was singing "It's a quarter after one and I'm all alone..." while playing, oblivious that I was even paying attention! Moments like those are hilarious!!

    I hope Justin fares well on his little trip!! We are avid Bear watchers but I certainly have no intentions of EVER being in a situation where I would need to put any of his advice or skills to work!! Looking forward to hearing Justin's take! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!! I'll be emailing you later - my one goal of the day is to catch on on my inbox!!

  3. My vacuum has pretty much done EXACTLY the same thing. It is louder than heck! Let me know what you decide to purchase and if you like it!!

    Love the new little tweeks you have added to your fun!

  4. I have 2 sweepers...I have a Rainbow and an Oreck. I love them both. I keep one upstairs and one downstairs. My mom always had an oreck and loved picks up good and is lightweight. Good luck on your search!
    Love your 10 on Tuesdays...and the new Buttons! Your blog always looks great!

  5. Can't say that I recommend a vaccum as mine never last either. Neither do our toasters, coffee makers, or just about anything electrical, but that's another story.

    Congrats on getting your office clean and organized! I know what a relief that was for me over last summer as we too have a cozy house and no garage or attic for storage. (Although now that I'm almost done with the day job I have all of my day job office stuff to bring home and it might just become a mess again!). Would love to see photos. :)

  6. Hey Girl! What a fun break to read your blog when I'm having mini-meltdowns at work :) I also have a Dyson and I LOVE it. Have a fun weekend!


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