Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{TEN} on Tuesday

For this week...some random tid-bits about me that you might not know. I probably mentioned some of these when I first started my blog {two years ago}, but if you're a relatively new reader, it might be new to you!

{1} We have two labs! Gunner is our black lab (he's seven...in people years). He's mellow and loyal. Rudy is our chocolate lab (he's six...in people years). Rudy has a lot of energy and loves to play. They were our "babies", before our real baby came along. They don't get quite as much attention now. They are outside only dogs. I love them dearly, but I can NOT handle dog hair, dog slobber, dog smell  in my house. The only time the come inside are nights when it's cold out. I make them a cozy little pallet of blankets by the back door.

 Baby Gunner-November 2002
Baby Rudy-December 2003

{2} I have an Interior Design degree from Kansas State University.  Earning that degree was a tough four years, but I have such great memories of my times (all-nighters) in studio. My senior year, I won a National design competition. It paid over $1000, and we used that money to buy the family room furniture we have now!

{3} My hubby and I had our first "date" in August 1995. I was 15, Justin was 14...neither of us were old enough to drive. Our "date" was a night at the county fair. He spent the night walking around with me and my friends. It was awkward, and everything a first teenage date usually is.

{4} One of my best friends had a birthday yesterday! I'm happy to report that Megan is finally 30! She is the baby in my group of friends, so we've all been listening to her "I'm only 29" wisecracks for the last few months. My family built a house just down the hill from Megan's family when I was in preschool or kindergarten, so we've truly grown-up together. Happy Birthday, Megan!!

{5} I have a slight obsession with vacuuming! Good thing our house is small, because I feel the need to vacuum a lot!

{6} I collected turtles in high school and college. My friends in church youth group called me "turtle power."

{7} In college, my girlfriends called me "Layla J"

 Ready for a K-State football game

{8} In 6th grade ( I think it was around 6th grade), I went to horse camp with my friends Renae, Jenny and Krista. (Riding that little horse this weekend made me think of this) At  camp, I had a beautiful white horse named Kito. One of the days, we had "free" riding time, so we all went off together on our horses. My horse decided to take me under a VERY large and low hanging tree branch. Well, he went under the branch, but came right to my chest. In order to keep from clothes-lining myself, I had to grab onto the branch. Kito took off, right out from underneath me! There I was hanging from a tree branch about 6-7 feet in the air. Thankfully my friends were able to catch my horse.

{9} I love color! Not a single wall in our house is WHITE! In fact, most of them have been painted multiple times during the seven years we've lived here. I'm so ready to re-paint the kitchen...as soon as I get to feeling better.

{10} I bought my first piece of Premier Jewelry a couple weeks ago. They have a lot of cute stuff, but I was really drawn to the Cool Water collection. I got this bracelet!

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. I am particularly fond of #10 - AWESOME pick! I LOVE Cool Waters!

  2. I love your {TEN} on Tuesdays! I feel like I am getting to know you so well (and you probably don't even realize it!) :) tfs, dc

  3. Ahhh, I love number 4! Suche sweet memories of living on the "hill". I can't believe my little sister is 30! Dang, it's getting harder and harder to believe I'm only 22. :)


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