Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New Baby & Pony Rides

We headed West visit my cousin, Hannah, and her new baby, Lainey! 

Hannah and Jake live in the country, with horses, dogs, cats, barns, and all those FUN things that Barrett loves!
It was a beautiful day to be outside, and Barrett was soaking it all up!

Barrett had his first pony ride...

It was a BIG hit!!

Barrett and Mommy had their first pony ride together...

 it ended abruptly!

We got to meet Lainey Jean...
 and she is precious!

I am still feeling icky, so I didn't hold Lainey.
I would have been a bit more sad, but I know I'll get to cuddle her next weekend, when I do her newborn pictures. 

More pictures from our day on the farm and meeting baby Lainey to come later!
My body is telling me I really need some rest!
{because it's 2:08 am, and I'm having to change the "post time" to before midnight, so my first line is true...we headed West TODAY, Saturday}


  1. I think I can see a lot of the Bush family in her. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Laura, what great photography!! I just found your blog... and love it! Way to go! Please tell Justin hello for me. Your photography really is beautiful, and your little boy is gorgeous (you can tell him handsome... my rule is I get to tell Oliver he's beautiful forever, he may disagree someday :) )


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