Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One bare foot

I went to check on Barrett, one last time, before I headed to bed the other night. 
This is how I found him...

This is how my baby sleeps...
One sock on, one sock off.
A stack of books in the corner of the bed.
Sippy cup of water in case he gets thirsty.
An abundance of pillows, blankets and stuffed animals to cuddle with.

Most of the time, after we put him to bed for the night, he's out like a light...not making a peep.
But there are those few nights when it takes him awhile to fall asleep.

On those nights,  we sit out on the couch, listening to him read books to himself, talk to himself, and sing to himself.

He is one of those that MUST be covered up with a blankie at all times.
(I think he gets that from his mommy)
And when that blankie's not over him just right...
We hear "Mommy/Daddy, cover up."
(The above phrase is repeated, until one of us goes in to cover him up)

Even though sometimes I have to pause American Idol, and I take a deep sigh about having to get up again,
I love it that I get to go in and cover him back up...
it means one more kiss from my baby.

The truth is, I would go back in there over-and-over-and-over...
because I know there will be a day soon, when he won't need his mommy to cover him back up.


  1. That is so sweet! Jaxson is similar in that he loves to have a blanket and a bear to cuddle. He also sings or talks himself to sleep some nights and others not a peep. If he is awake too long he'll take his socks off an throw them behind the bed! We always hear "nigh nigh momma/Daddy" from his room when you lay him down and he gives kisses or raspberries and sometimes even blows kisses on his way to bed on Daddy's shoulder!
    Boys are so sweet!

  2. So sweet. Enjoy those moments, momma. ;-)

  3. So sweet ... I love how he sleeps with one sock on and one sock off. :)


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