Monday, March 8, 2010

Meeting Lainey Jean

A few more snapshots from our day out West to meet the new baby in our family!

The weather on Saturday was beautiful! It was the perfect day to be out in the country. We celebrated the birth of Hannah and Jake's baby girl, and the first grandchild for my Uncle Rick and Aunt Debbie. The kids enjoyed playing outside the WHOLE time... in the barns, riding the pony, playing in the dirt, and with the cats, dogs and puppies. The ladies enjoyed sitting inside and visiting. The men enjoyed playing cards in the garage with their beers and cigars. That's how my family rolls. 

Lainey was a tiny bit yellow, so we laid her in the sunlight to try and lower her bilirubin levels. It was so warm and she loved it. We think it really helped her coloring too! Hopefully her levels were better when she went back to the doctor on Sunday afternoon.

As long as he was outdoors and with the animals, Barrett was perfectly content! He wore his cowboy shirt, boots and Wranglers that day.

Bernie took Barrett and I around the field a couple times, then all of the sudden Porky spooked. He shifted into high gear, like he was going to take us off into the sunset. He jerked fast, and it scared the livin' daylights out of Barrett. Bernie had him under control in no time, but Barrett cried out and covered his face with his hands. After we calmed him down, I ask if he wanted to ride some more, or get off. His reply was quick "get off."

Barrett had so much fun that day, he didn't get his nap in.
We'd only been on the road home for about five minutes, when I looked over and saw this...

He slept hard the whole two-hour drive home!

I put together a little slideshow of all my snapshots from our day {meeting Lainey Jean}.
You can view it HERE if you're interested!

Happy Monday :)

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